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  1. No, I went directly to the situation and weather files. I flew what I thought was correct early this morning only to realize the differences in distance when I went to look at the target times. I don't know that I'll have time now to get in any more flying til late this evening. If I miss the posting deadline, I'll just fly the rest of the flights for the fun of it and maybe spend more time with this next year.
  2. I am thoroughly confused. Where is it said anywhere that there are T&G's for any of the airports. The situation files I downloaded for P3D show nothing at all and I don't see it written anywhere that any of the legs are any more than straight flights. The distance between the first two airports is only 80.9 miles, not over 260??? I probably won't be flying this MEBAR either as it looks now.
  3. First leg complete despite mechanical problems.
  4. I installed it in the VC of the Tigercat and it works fine.
  5. Thanks. I use FSTramp with the flight plan I produced in the P3D Flightplanner input to display. Makes for sort of a "Sectional" chart I can use for reference. Also gives me good references for mountainous areas and altitudes. I tried Plan-G but even on a nice computer it was painstakingly slow. When FSTramp was released I jumped on it. Some time this month he is supposed to release the last update which is the "drag n' drop" function for producing flight plans like FSNav had back in the day.
  6. Thanks Joe, The very reason I pulled out of last years race. Realizing I knew nothing at all of navigational flying, I was in over my head before I even started. This year is no different, however I have added VOR and ADF points to a rudimentary "navigational plan" (I use that term loosely) and I will attempt to find those points as I meander over the terrain, doing my best to avoid any large peaks that might be in my way. I do not expect to be competitive, however I will enjoy myself as I've never flown this area of the world before. Looking forward to the start.
  7. I'll give it another shot then John. I couldn't get them to show on my first try.
  8. As the downloads for the individual flights are for FS9 or FSX I have to ask. . .are P3D users eligible to fly as well?
  9. Peter, I'm curious about several of the videos you posted, specifically those with the Icon A5. Were those done in P3D also or was that MS "Flight"?
  10. Thanks Bill. Good to see you again and take care!
  11. MEBAR_2013 Complete and in the books. Just want to thank everyone involved in the planning, testing (and retesting) and execution of this event. When things go this smoothly, it's evident that a lot of folks took the time to iron out all of the wrinkles and that says volumes for those involved. Thank You!! Another uneventful flight really. I did run into some haze on final but I was on an ILS approach that went flawlessly and so it wasn't a problem at all. I enjoyed the flights and the English countryside and look forward to the next event. Thanks again to everyone.
  12. Great job Bill. . .fine end to this years Rally and I also enjoyed seeing your pics of your excursion around the English countryside.
  13. Bad weather was bound to surface sooner or later and so it was for the early part of Leg 4. Up from Newcastle and heading for the first of several waypoints that would eventually put me on long approach between Mildehall and Lakenheath. Fond memories of having spent the night at Mildenhall on my way back from Turkey. If my memory serves, the weather wasn't much better even then, lol.
  14. Got off to a bad start on this leg. Directly after take off the aircraft began an uncontrolled pitch up to almost vertical. AP was not engaged, elevator trim was fixed at straight and level flight. I had to reset the flight, reload the airplane and begin again. After taking a second time I took runway heading out and turned north to intercept the Leeming DME then on to Newcastle. FPS are giving me problems. . .it appears that the Carenado V-Tail is quite complex at times bringing the sim down to a slide show.
  15. Nice flying there Bill. Good to see you back for another round.
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