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  1. Thanks, I really want A2A Simulations to release a plane though. The default planes are really good, but they lack the depth of good payware add-ons. So I'm making do for now 😉
  2. I've heard HiFi will be doing something for FS2020, however no timescales yet. I'm like you, REX for textures and Active Sky for engine.
  3. Quite an old post now but as most of you know, I try to have the same livery for my stream. This made me check out repainting in FS2020. I spotted that video and it is useful, but nothing new to seasoned repainters of P3D and FSX. Still useful though. I used the 172 template and started the repaint. I have to say the way MS have UV unwrapped the textures is crazy, so many different sections of the plane. I think just down the one side of the 172 it had 6 different sections, this makes difficult to line up any patterns etc. Still, it's good when it's completed and satisfying 👍
  4. I can't wait for Active Sky for FS2020. I have spotted REX have been working on a product, but I've always preferred Active Sky for my weather engine. Hope it doesn't take too long 👍
  5. Hehe, you will enjoy it so much mate. I've still got P4Dv5 installed but I'm moving over to FS2020 when released. I've already bought it on Steam 👍 But P3D will still be knocking about because it has all my favourite A2A planes that are not in FS2020 yet.
  6. Thanks, feel free to click the links in my signature to catch me live 👍
  7. I've not had chance to install it yet but it does have quite a few fixes included, so definitely worth checking out.
  8. Few mistakes as it's been some time since flying the old bird, but overall I enjoyed the flight. Unfortunately YouTube deleted my old account as I used to name the videos very similar, they said it was spam, even though all videos were different. An appeal got a reply in 2minutes to no avail. If you can subscribe to the new channel I'd appreciate it so much, even better if you catch me live for a chat too 👍👍👍 Thanks all, stay safe
  9. Yeah all is well here mate, me and the family are all good in these crazy times. I now stream on both Twitch and YouTube - as not everyone uses Twitch, but most have YouTube on their phones etc. YouTube also let's you lower the quality in case your internet cannot handle the full 1080p Thanks for your comments guys, hope you're all well too? Cheers
  10. UKJim

    piano keys

    Super shots and paints
  11. The plane almost camouflage into the scenery 👍
  12. Its been a while since I jumped on the forums, real life been busy. Hope you're all ok and still going strong? Take care all Jim
  13. This is a repaint I did from a request I had, turned out really nice. I liked the fact it had camo on the top and sky blue underneath, pure stealth
  14. Hi Dolf, were these with auto-mode? Also, what texture software do you use, as I like the cloud textures in this. I find a lot of them being too sharp around the edges and my preference is a more softer feel. Currently I use TD4 and Soft Clouds, so I could still install those textures and then put everything else on auto in Environment Force (if I get it) I was thinking of getting Sky Force but really did not see the point if I am still using Active Sky for the engine and TD4 for texture - are Sky Force textures better? Thanks, Jim
  15. Hi All, So, a short while ago, in the real world, a whole load of C-47's were flown to and from Duxford to Normandy - this was regarding the 75th commemoration of D-Day. You can find more information in the link below. https://www.daksovernormandy.com/gallery/ Poeple from the A2A Simulations forum held the same flight plan in multiplayer within the sim - as my grandad was in the parachute regiment, I felt I needed to be part of this. I did get more shots, but here are two of me being part of the multiplayer event, there were more people behind me too, so quite a good turn out.
  16. So as many of you know, I stream on Twitch and I have my own custom repaint that I like to have on all my planes. When I got the spitfire, I wanted to do the same, but keep the classic look and feel too. I took some inspiration from my old T6 repaint with the chrome, as well as the real world repaint of the Silver Spitfire, and obviously my personal repaint too. This is the first time I really learnt how to apply specular mapping with it's alpha - the result is it just adds that further realism and popping of the sun reflecting on the paint. Thanks for viewing...
  17. UKJim

    Carenado C172

    That looks well classy mate Great job there
  18. UKJim

    In the mist

    Love that plane - can't beat a bit of low and slow Thanks for sharing, nice shots
  19. UKJim

    Just three

    That's not dangerous at all - good job it's a sim Great shots
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