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  1. A few shots from the new OG39 Add-on by Orbx Thanks for viewing
  2. A few more wide ones, this format is great for the cockpit, not so good for screenshots! These are a couple of Orbx's latest Longview and Lands Inn Ranches. This scenery has nature flow and creature flow so you have to watch for those cattle wandering across the runway! Cheers, Joe
  3. No trip to Oregon is complete without a visit to the rocky coast, and coastal fliers will find a great place to tie down, camp, and sightsee in Siletz Bay State Airport (S45). This small airport is packed with color and character. It's nestled into a swath of forest running along the coast range, just across the street from lovely Glen Eden Beach and right down the road from the tourist destination of Lincoln City. The location makes it a great day trip from other PNW airports such as Stark's Twin Oaks, Creswell, or Walter Sutton's place. The airport, designed by Orbx legendary developer Bill
  4. A few shots from a fantastic scenic flight around Idaho using Orbx CRM, REX and the Carenado C185 Taking off Passing some people spoiling a good walk I could stay up here all day One of the waypoints More Orbx goodness My favourite shot Another one of those waypoints A repetitive angle but it makes for nice screenshots Descending for landing, might need to fly a longer downwind leg to let these two land Moments away Parked up and off to the bar Flight plan from Plan G I can't take the credit for the flight plan as I found it in the Orbx forums, but I wil
  5. My first flight in the Lockheed Hudson, a quick patrol around the Rockies. Departed from Bridger Municipal and landed and hour or so later at Flying Y Ranch. The flight plan is available from Orbx forums as the CRM Beartooth Wilderness Tour Think i'm a bit big for this place Don't fancy my chances if I have to ditch this thing Great scenery Mystic Lake waypoint Mountains ending, I can start to descend I thought the last place was a tight squeeze All out, last one to the bar gets the beers in
  6. A few shots from an Air Hauler flight in the PNW
  7. OG39 Longview Ranch with its bitumen strip capable of accommodating private jets and a water runway for those precision float plane approaches. 49OR Lands Inn is located in the mountains a short fly away, a perfect place for a fly in, where each year many light aircraft owners enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery including the John DayFossil Beds and Painted Hills. Ken Hall and Greg Jones have utilised the latest Orbx Flow technologies including the latest innovation “Creature Flow” to bring this amazing part of CRM to life. CF has the latest animations such as cattle roaming the adjace
  8. Our latest review is Orbx's highest resolution scenery yet, see what Rob made of it. Read On..
  9. Te Ika-a-Maui The North Island of New Zealand is also known as Te Ika-a-Maui, or "the fish of Maui", gaining this traditional Maori name from the story of the landmass’ formation. The North Island covers about 113,729 square kilometres comprising the smaller of the country’s two main islands. It’s also the 14th largest island in the world. The North Island spans ~830 km from the northern tip of Cape Reinga to Cape Palliser in the south west, and ~460 km from the Cape Egmont light house on the west coast to East Cape. The nation’s capital is Wellington. Commonly, referred to as ‘Windy Wellingt
  10. A few shots that didn't make the final cut for the upcoming review of Orbx's Stewart Airport (CZST)
  11. I'm starting a 5 leg tour of the PFJ region, here are some shots from the first leg: Stewart-Woodcock
  12. I found this flight on the Orbx forums from Annette Island to Stewart, it wasn't a long flight but was a lot of fun Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard, we are currently taxing to runway 12 at Annette Island for our departure to Stewart. The doors are now secured and if you reach under your seats you will find a map of todays flight-plan Our flight today will have a low cruise altitude in order to give you the best possible views of the area So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. First part over with, if you're a nervous flyer you can now relax for a few minutes as we cross th
  13. rob16584


    Looks like it's going to be a good day!
  14. Published today is my review of FTX US 2W3 Swanson Airport. Another airfield in the ever-expanding PNW network. For more, read on Cheers, Joe
  15. The world's first 2cm/pixel airport! Even though there is a theoretical ground resolution texture limit in FSX/P3D, Russ White has managed to introduce a new method of building airport terrain in which he can exceed what was thought possible in flight simulation - an insane 2cm per pixel ground resolution, and without any real performance penalty! Revel in the beauty of this amazing location on the fork of a river surrounded by sheer walls of mountains. This breathtakingly picturesque setting is home to an airport of exceptional character, and Russ has interpreted it with wear and tear, rust,
  16. A handful of shots taken around Vashon Island in the A2A Cub
  17. A few shots from an early morning flight from Fall City to Bellingham with a full load of live poultry!
  18. Ed Correia from Orbx writes: The ORBX Migrator Tool is now ready to download. This tool is the "Linker" and will link up your ORBX installed addons in FSX to P3D. Also included in this release is the latest ORBXLIBS (Version 120328). As new airports are released, this tool will be updated to to include them. Please note: We have come across a small issue at PAKT and it's parking positions. There is no problem with the runway starts, but the 2 parking positions are incorrectly placing you underground. We are looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved ASAP. Installation is easy, un
  19. This "patch" is actually more like a new version given that it includes substantial updates to several key components such as the road and railroad network (including bridges), powerline corridors, and the terrain mesh along the BC/Alberta border. It also contains completely new features such as 20 unlisted airstrips, 2 heliports, and dozens of cabins, lodges, and lookouts accurately placed in their real-world locations. For a complete list of all enhancements and fixes please refer to "FTX NA BLUE NRM SP1 User Guide.pdf" included in the service pack. New and enhanced content in NRM SP1 (for
  20. Just a few shots from a short trip up the east coast of the New Zealand South Island in the A2A Piper Cub from NZAS Ashburton to NZCH Christchurch. Leaving Lake Ellesmere
  21. After watching Clem's video it got me wondering how good the Orbx scenery was just away from the airport. I'd flown in and out of Darrington I don't know how many times as it's one of my Air Hauler bases but today I decided to take the car and have a little look around.
  22. As you can see from the title, Orbx have created an official P3D FAQ topic. This is from the horses mouth so don't believe rumours, check here first. Link http://www.orbxsyste...uestions-arise/ Cheers, Joe
  23. The Orbx team is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all SBSLs currently on sale will be now given away for free. Please hold off purchasing any SBSLs from the Flightsimstore until Adrian sets the prices to zero. For all customers who have already purchased SBSLs, Orbx will arrange with FSS to provide a store credit for your purchases which can be used against any items in the FSS store. We firmly believe that the future of flight simulation is Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. It is the most mature and robust code, and has a world-class development team actively maintaining the code a
  24. THIS IS THE LAST EVER ORBX SALE! Use this unique opportunity to complete your Orbx collection. Even if you are planning to move to P3D, grab all the Orbx addons at nearly half price then use our free Orbx P3D Migrator Tool to move them all to Prepar3D at your leisure. There will never be another chance to purchase the quality of Orbx at these prices, and we're keeping the prices low during the whole month of April to give everyone the chance to take part. After April we have many other surprises in store for you. Stay tuned!
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