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Found 7 results

  1. Earlier this year, I installed Windows 7 on a new SSD and subsequently re-installed FSX Acceleration, so my sim is quite uncluttered, for once! Fire up times are impressive and with default scenery, FPS is very good. But... About a month or so ago, I bit the bullet and purchased OrbX PNW. It's as good as its reputation and I have been enjoying the Seattle area with both fixed and rotary wing craft. I've written a couple of missions for PNW and even modified the default "Whiteout" mission so that it works with PNW. Just a week ago, I installed Nemeth Designs' new Mi-24 Hind, for reviewing.
  2. If any of you have the OrbX PNW scenery installed and would like to test a mission for me, I'd be most grateful. When OrbX released their PNW scenery, the default FSX Whiteout Mission became even more of a challenge due to terrain (mesh) changes and certain modifications made to the Cougar (WN10) airstrip scenery, resulting in an incompatibilty between the mission triggers and the airstrip location. One work-around was to Pause and Save the Mission just prior to WN10, exit from FSX and reset to default scenery (using FTX Central). Fire up FSX, with default scenery, reload the Save
  3. This is my first FSX mission for the OrbX Pacific North West (PNW) scenery add-on. It's a Pilot for Hire Helicopter Mission, in which you take some VIP sightseers on a short helicopter tour of the Cascade Locks area, down the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam. During the tour, an emergency crops up and you are asked to help out. The mission uses the default Bell 206B, but you can change to an alternative rotor-craft by ticking the "Enable changes in selected Mission" box should you wish.. If you have any problems or queries, please let me know - screen shots would be good! Thank
  4. Red letter day, today: QuikAire finally dragged itself past the magical 55% Rep mark and went hiring. I gotta tell you, it's been rough trying to get there, flying all these jobs myself in an aircraft (C172) that will only haul 585 pounds of stuff. Being the first day, I wasn't expecting much. Sure enough - the job applications weren't exactly pouring through the mailbox slot (we're in the PNW - they still use snail-mail here). There was a full Captain with a 10M MTOW rating - perfect for my non-existent Antonov, and a FO with a 49% reputation. Ah well! Keep on flying until something bette
  5. A few shots from an Air Hauler flight. Opened a new base at S45, Siletz Bay and as luck would have it a job popped up 30 mins from where my aircraft was... Early morning departure New REX textures are really nice A bit hazey as the sun comes up. Hopefully it will soon burn through it Cleared up nicely but still a few clouds around Parked at S45. As I will be making a few flights from here I think I should go and introduce myself to the airport staff
  6. rob16584


    At the end of a short Air Hauler flight I was greeted by this
  7. A few shots from an Air Hauler flight in the PNW
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