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Found 8 results

  1. wain


    New ride I picked up a week ago, spent a few days going through the procedures, start up etc....great interactive checklists on this, really teaches you where the things are, every switch / knob / button / lever up need to operate pulses gently saying 2 I'm over here", and you can turn that off if you want so you just have normal checklists with no help..... flys really well to, did my usual test flights from EGGD-EGCC and back a few times, captured ILS no problem, hand flew the landings and feels great....can't get the hang of the Boeing FMC though, probably as I am mostly in buses, I have r
  2. Hi all and welcome back to my Iron Maiden tour! We pick up the action at Jakarta and after a slight delay due to fuelling, the crew return refreshed Pretty! Engines started and pushed back Passing a 747 Lining up and POWER! Lift off as we head to Perth Nice and tidy Heading over Jakarta Climbing up Nearly in the cruise It does get a bit repetitive But now the sun begins to set Even default FS9 can give some nice effects! Light on in the cockpit Very nearly nightfall as we curve on ATC instructions Perth sighted Flaps sliding down Ge
  3. icudan

    Close call

    Hi all, I was on my return flight from Newark to Midway today and saw an A320 fast approaching me just a little over FL300. Took a snap of him it was a rather close call to be fair!
  4. icudan


    Hello, I don't know whether anybody will remember me, It's been a long time since I have been on the flight sim scene but I've recently started playing a bit more now I used to fly in Europe all of the time but I've started flying in the USA and got myself some new scenery I'm currently flying from Midway to Newark right now and thought I would post a departure shot I just took. Anyway it will be good to see who is still knocking around on here! Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi all! Following a recent forum question on the aircraft of Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere Back In Time 2008-2009', I've decided to re-create the aircraft tour. I'll be following the 2008 tour, using the Captain Sim 757-200, with a repaint of 'Ed Force One'. Although the actual paint is for the 2009 aircraft, it is more-or-less the same, just different places and the year. Here's the overall route, complete with fuel stops And yes Tim - I know it's V2! And so, on a cold January morning in 2008, the band arrive to see 'Ed Force One' for the first time. Well, except Bruce ****inson. He was the
  6. BlackBox Simulation are happy to announce the re-launch of the hugely popular title This package was PSS's last release for fs2004 and still out performs many newer addons on the market in terms of details and functionality. At it original launch this product raised the bar for fs2004 being the first to introduce several features such as fully operational VC & working WX radar, that many of todays addons still fail to replicate! More here
  7. I had a covert message arrive on my desk, after de-cyphering it, this is what it said. ??? more here
  8. The 757 is truly a modern classic. With its narrow-bodied fuselage sat high on the tall undercarriage and two huge engines, its certainly distinctive. Created exclusively for Flight Simulator X by Just Flight, 757 Jetliner will be the next addition to our ever-expanding F-Lite range and will feature custom modelling, detailed animations, high quality textures and an authentic sound set. The 757 has an extensive 2D panel, Virtual Cockpit and realistic custom flight model. More details coming soon! More here
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