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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for a quick reply. At least i didn't spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to get it to work on the E: drive. That was the dilemma. i suppose it needed a clean out with lots of unused software. that's my weekend sorted then !!! regards Alan
  2. Hi again Flight simmers, Happy new year to you all. (not been on for a while - long storey) i have a bit of a dilemma, i am not totally screwed but would like some help/advice please. I recently gave up with my last PC as it was on XP albeit very stable (was a big fan of XP - never let me down!). I have invested in a newer tower with Win 7 pro 64bit after looking at the forums on here and deciding against Win8 for FSX. I have installed my old SATA 500 GB hardrive out of my XP machine into my new Win7 machine and it is now my E: drive as a back up facility primarily. But as my FSX i
  3. Great flying, nice footage and Top Gun music as well - loved it! thanks for the link
  4. well done Paul, an inspired shot for a space theme.
  5. whoops! . sorry Joe, misread it and got carried away, as you can probably tell i needed some help and editing via Brett. I am still new to this i consider myself reprimanded and promise not to do it again . regards Alan
  6. Quick Trip to the Moon and back! Last 1 for this month
  7. Thanks Brett, what am i doing wrong. i noticed only the address comes up and not the actual picture. i have posted in the past - MissDemeanor Hunter etc which have always showed up. I notice a copied thing going on now which didn't before. Thanks for the "editing" anyway. It all a learning curve but going back to school is fun when your intereseted in the subject. Hope you liked your"Barn Entry" cheers!
  8. Thought i would try this one ! thanks *Edited by Brett to show pictures
  9. My first attempt at this, inspired by Brett's Barn.(removed due rules) goodnight! *Edited by Brett to show pictures
  10. Hi Gents, Firstly i have tried the SHIFT+E, to open 1st canopy, then let the E go and press 2 whilst still depressing the SHIFT key; as suggested by Jaydor, but this didn't work either on this occasion. I am sure the rear canopy is animated - it says so in the manual . Thanks for the combination anyway. Secondly, the animation hiccup is weird in that it appears to do it only with certain aircraft . But ddavid's theory sounds good to me. ​I may try different aircraft over time to see what happens, i doesn't spoil or hinder any flying - just one of those FSX things i suppose . happy
  11. Has anyone ever seen this before? When taxiing to parking area at the Lysander SO Tangmere scenery i met a "Casualty" with 2 left arms waving at me. How very strange. Out of curiosity i later changed Lysander model and returned to the same location. Now the "Casualty" has just one arm ! I have repeated this three times now and get the same result. Any ideas ? not really a problem but a bit bizarre. Spending a lot of my flying time in the Lizzie now Brett has built me Gibraltar Barn for RAF Tempsford - and have managed to land her a few times without a bounce. I think Joe's review was spot
  12. Over the past two weeks Brett and i have swapped notes,images and references and i can only say what a cracking job Brett has done with limited resources in such a short time. I think i gave him a headache but he has persevered and come up with Gibraltar Barn for me (and others) to use at RAF Tempsford. Below are a couple of images i have saved. http://s1328.photobucket.com/user/alanchamberlain1/media/FSX%20Gibraltar%20Barn/fullmoonfortheLysander_zps9cbd16ec.png.html http://s1328.photobucket.com/user/alanchamberlain1/media/FSX%20Gibraltar%20Barn/GibraltarBarn_zps661bd868.png.html http://
  13. Looked like a great show and museum. Well done Joe on your stand and to everyone involved in making it happen. Looks like this Flight sim is bigger business than i thought. Great pics, wish i could have been there, maybe next time.
  14. Ok Brett thats sounds great. I will leave it with you . No hurry - don't get in to trouble doing it in front of any other chores! thanks again.
  15. Hi Brett, the scenery you see is Ianps dark corner scenery. Its RAF tempsford but that building is not Gibraltar Barn. Its too big,the wrong size/texture and in the wrong place !. It is very good though other than being a barn short. The scenery in the Lysander FSADDON is of Tangmere, i dont think there is any for tempsford as that flight goes from great gransden up the road from tempsford. i had a look at the Instant Object Studio for FSX / FS2004 . It looks very good. i may have a try with the demo. Is that what you would use. Joe's review (and others) seem favourable. Think i maybe ab
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