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20 New liveries for DC-8 series 10 to 40 Jetliner

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Add 20 distinctive DC-8 liveries from around the world to your fleet with these new high resolution liveries for the -20, -30 and -40 series.

Full product details here: http://justflight.com/product/dc8-jetliner-10-40-livery-pack

This new Livery Pack  also includes a set of liveries at a standard resolution for those with lower performance PCs - the Performance Configuration tool supplied in the Service Pack 2 software lets you swap between High Resolution and Standard texture sizes so you can get the optimum frame rates for your system.  We recommend that Service pack 2, which was made available this week is installed.  Full details of this major update are on the Support page (link below). We have incorporated Service Pack 2 into a new build of the aircraft, so you will need to re-download and install the whole DC-8 product again.



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