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Good afternoon from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is my first post here in this knowledgeable and friendly forum.


I have been trying for some time now to get my configuration to work on my new flight sim pc taking it one step at the time but not having much luck so far.

I had it working fairly well but had no traffic with Ultimate traffic 2, PMDG 737NGX and a lot of hardware  installed which for me was not a working proposition.

So I uninstalled everything, cleaned my pc of any remaining files, removed all my hardware (making a note of the USB ports)  and started over.

I installed FSX (gold), PMDG + patches, UT traffic and only my Saitek yoke. Worked like a charm and with traffic too. Great.

I then plugged in a Leo Bodnar card which is connected to the landing gear lever and the speed and altitude intervention buttons on my MCP, tried to load the PMDG in the free flight menu and FSX crashed : a fatal error had occurred in the PMDG_737NGX.dll module.

I applied the HighMemFix=1 patch and lo and behold I could load the PMDG.

After choosing end flight from the menu, however, FSX crashes.

I’m still able to load and fly another plane but not the PMDG.

Everything I do worked perfectly on my old pc.


I really hope someone can help me get back into FSX heaven.





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Hi Martin and welcome to our forum!


Do you have installed the UIAutomatonCore fix yet? It is often needed with PMDG menus etc.


There are many versions and the correct one (For Win7 64bit) can be downloaded from our file library, here is the link http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/2382-uiautomationcore/ 


I hope it works for you.




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I tried this fix although I don't think this is the menu-crash issue.

I am still unable to load a PMDG 737 from the free flight menu. I am able to load a saved flight but as soon as I choose "end flight" FSX crashes.




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looking at your p.c. spec you should have no problem running fsx with pmdg clearly there is some corruption somwhere. as it started with the undercarriage lever may I suggest you remove that and see if it cures the situ


if it doesnt it may have corrupted the pmdg file so you may have to uninstall that and reinstall it.

however it may be that you are using a lot of VAS and this is making the system fail

try using processexplorer.zip this will let you know how much resources your p.c is using remember you can only use 4gb

are you using dx9 or 10? using dx10 will release a lot of VAS that can then be used by fsx for other purposes.

there are 2 well written "bibles" on how to best setup fsx one is on avsim called software and hardware guide for fsx

the other is available on kostas blog:


let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for your answer. I must point out that the gear lever is connected to the Bodnar card but it's not assigned so it's not doing anything. I know that when i disconnect the Bodnar card everything will work but that's the whole point : I want FSX and PMDG to work while the card is connected, it has done so before without any problems.

When I set up my pc I've followed NickN's bible and I'm using DX9. I'm quite sure my pc is set up correctly.


I'll have to take some distance now, my frustration level is peaking. (I've been trying to get this to work for three months now)

I'll relax tonight and work on it again tomorrow.



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So I finally narrowed it down to a short in the circuit connected to the Bodnar card.

Although no buttons were assigned in FSUIPC and all default planes in FSX worked, the PMDG NGX crashed FSX every time I tried to load it.

After physically removing all wires from the Bodnar card everything worked as it should.

Very weird findings methinks.




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I might add that it wasn't really a short but a closed switch connected to the Bodnar card. As long as it was closed, FSX would crash when loading the NGX.

Also when closed this switch would cause the infamous "end flight" crash.

Nowhere was this switch assigned to anything in FSX or FSUIPC.

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