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I keep bending the 737

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Any of you AH experts out there figure out how to fly the stock FSX 738 without incurring damage penalties (ie: how do you flare the thing?). Every time I fly down the GP at what should be a normal rate of descent (approx 700-800 FPM) AH informs me that I've incurred damage - this is getting expensive. 


I'm not hand flying the thing. It is difficult enough to do anything with the "traveling joystick" (Logitech Gamepad) let alone control a jet.


I'm capturing the localizer then the GS and getting the a/c established. At 200 AGL, I've been cancelling the A/T and letting the plane hit the numbers without intervention. The first few times I tried to flare it, I got altitude which caused no end of problems as that tends to shorten the available runway. Not a desirable effect when you're landing on 1500 feet.


For the stock 738 here's the numbers I'm using:


approx. 75% of MTOW

Auto Braking at "3"

Spoilers Armed

Full Flap

130 KT over the fence



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I'll take a stab at this.


I saw your post here and hopped into the 737 for a quick hop from Mt. View to KSFO to shoot a landing just to refresh how to describe my technique.

Caveat: I Never land or make approaches using the Autopilot...have no idea how to do it.

When I land Anything, I try to keep the GS to a VSI of 500 FPM. 700-800 FPM will definitely bend the aircraft in AH if your flare doesn't scrub a lot of that off. OK landings are 500 FPM or less iirc, Greasers are less than 200FPM iirc.

By coming over the fence at 500 FPM, I'm guaranteed an at least OK landing, and flaring brings it into the greaser range if timed right.

I also prefer to come in a bit hot on any landing I do, as if I am only doing a hot touch and go, and then change my mind and do a full stop. Lets me climb out if necessary more easily should I have to abort the landing. FYI, I do this in part because I usually stuff my planes full in AH, and a PHAT load trying to accelerate from near stall to Go Around is not usually going to happen very easily...so, I give myself margins on both sides...speed and VSI...come in hot, come in shallow and I usually am dissapointed with only OK landings when they occur.


Hope that helps...reducing VS rate on approach should be your first try imo.




P.S....I can imagine that flying with an travel joystick cant be making the job any easier :( Check local craigslists and see if you can find a lucky yoke on sale )

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