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Is there anyone around that can give a definitive explanation of IF or WHY or WHETHER the new dovetail FSX should perform better than the old FSX with all the mods that we have done over the years,

in other words Is there any benefit to binning our current fsx setup and replacing it with FSXSE  ???


Perhaps Joe or someeone could contact dovetail and get the precise SP on the QT


or is it just smoke and mirrors??

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I have had to change because I had a FSX disc issue, I got FSX-SE just before Christmas at £3.99p before I had the disc issue.

I have installed FTX Global, Vector, LC_EU & PNW, REX w/overdrive for textures and ASN for weather. Also some Caranado, Alebeo and Realair GA aircraft (thats what I like to fly).

Plan G for planning, and Traffic 360, Saitek Switch, Radio & AP.

I lock at 35fps, usually even in quite bad weather with max clouds and high detail in VC it will very between 20-35fps, odd occasion it may drop or stutter. I am more interested in smoothness than fps though if I am honest.

I was getting exactly the same with the disc version, I see no major improvements but I have had no CTD's at all, but that could be because the Uautomation file is included with Steam, once I put that file in disc version it seemed less prone to crashes.

On Steam forums some people are saying it is a vast improvement and they are getting a massive % improvement on fps but I am not so sure, I think if you have a set up with disc that is running fine then you have no need to change, if like me you have a damaged or lost disc then yeah go for it, most 3rd party addons work or are close to working.

Just how its been for me.



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i think people "see" better performance because they have a virgin installation that hasnt had months or years of things being added and removed

but I could be wrong

 whilst I have no peformance issues whatsoever with my deluxe FSX i am always interested in making it faster

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I got steam edition just because I was formatting my hard drive anyway and it was on offer - for me I see no performance increase. It's just nice to have in my steam library :)

All my addons work but people with pmdg or orbx flow technology may experience problems. Slowly these are getting updated to support SE.

I've heard they cannot change the original code so how they are getting extra performance god knows. I may be mistaken though.

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> "i think people 'see' better performance because they have a virgin installation that hasnt had months or years of things being added and removed"


I very strongly suspect that's exactly right.   :thum:


Also, as far as I can tell, the only "improvements" that FSX SE might tenuously be able to provide are as a result of compiling the FSX code using the latest version of Visual Studio, which ain't about to do anything magical. (Like Jim, I rather think that they're not allowed to make any changes to the code, anyway).


Add to that the fact that FSX SE has stupidly broken lots of third party developers' installers by moving directories around, and I for one have just installed good ol' FSX on my new machine — a version that I know for sure will work happily with *all* my existing add-ons. (And I'm getting rock steady 30 fps (limited to that by NVidia Inspector) when flying over and around Aerosoft's latest Heathrow with full Orbx scenery and AI traffic. Just saying...).


That's only my 2¢, you understand....    ;)





a.k.a. brian747


P.S.   @Wayne

If you hurry and check out this post, you could replace your FSX (with Acceleration) disks for just £5 plus postage:    ^_^







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If you’re on the fence; my advice is to go the P3D route

FSX SE is nice on paper

but the folks at dovetail aren’t yet sure where they are driving this

they don’t have to many addons supported or developer’s flocking to support their platform

they offer a ridicules return for developer’s; although my personal development is fully compatible out the box (one of the few)

i personally not willing to venture this route with their current DLC terms

put this all together; and you have a very difficult growth pains expected for this platform

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  • 2 weeks later...

well as it only cost 4.99 i bought it, the installation was painless except you get a whole load of poo from steam installed as well ,

early observations are that fsx-se does fire up quickly , ok it isnt yet fully loaded but ---

the ai aircraft look better and follow the turns on the taxiway better a lot lees jerky and smoother.

Graphics appear very slightly better the default texture max load is 4096 not 1024 but i need to spend more time to be sure

however default LOD radius is stil 4.5000



on the negative side you cannot aim the scenery manager at some scenery on another directory od another hard disk, you have to install it in this add on scenery


runway markings and runways flash terribly , this was fixed very early on in the real fsx


the small aircraft now balloon terribly when you put the flaps down this is excessive


more to follow no doubt


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As far as I can tell, aside from changing a few directories around (possibly to get it working with Steam platform) and re-adding a multiplayer component, and perhaps changing a few default graphics settings, its basically the same as FSX, and hence any performance differences are likely only due to config changes. To make significant performance changes would require a major rework of the entire platform. Even Lockheed Martin have not done that with P3D with many more years of tweaking of the original FSX code than what Dovetail has spent on the same. I think FSX Steam Edition is basically 99.9% same as FSX, just with a different delivery method.


It will probably do ok, but only because you won't be able to buy FSX in a boxed version for much longer. There will be no other choice, except the P3D route, or X-Plane too of course if you want to make a major shift.

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Dean I could not agree more, for all my sins i watch froogle's videos on you tube, and the other day he sent out a video stating that SE was far superior to the disk version, in fact he went as far as memory serves me, to say that the future lay with SE and P3D and x plane. ----- OH !! thought I

Froogle does mostly know what he is talking about so maybe I should look into this,

Mind you Froogle does sometimes talk from somwhere where the sun doesnt shine, and his amateur attempts at flying are sometimes too painfull to watch, BUT he does come up with something interesting from time to time.

so I went ahead and bought it , dare i say it, on Froogles recommendation!!


Well after a few days of messing around I have found it just as Dean says (and Dovetail) , It is FSX 2006 with a couple of very minor mods, so it is impossible for it to be, or do, what Froogle has suggested, ie far superior to the disk version.

was it worth 4.99 ??? hell what can you buy for that in this day and age?


will I use it again? highly unlikely!  because of its dependence on my p.c. being online with steam, which monitors what you do whilst online.    When dovetail do come out with their new sim , i hope they do not make the same mistake, because it will severely hamper sales. however I have a sneaky feeling that the new sim which is not based on the M.S. engine will be more of a game so it will not matter if it is still linked to Steam because the serious simmers will have settled on P3D


so FSX SE  Is it a hit or a Miss? as i already own the disk version for me it is a Miss



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