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"The notice gave the planes' registration numbers as TF-ARM, TF-ARN, and TF-ARH. Zainol said two are passenger aircraft and one is a cargo plane."


As near as I can determine, the "TF" prefix indicates Iceland, but if aircraft are like ships, the country of registry says nothing about who actually owns or operates them.


Interesting.  I'd bet they are pretty old and tired.



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As of February 2015, the Air Atlanta Icelandic fleet consists of the following aircraft:[17]

Air Atlanta Icelandic Fleet

Boeing 747-400 8
Boeing 747-400BCF 7
Airbus A340-300 1
Airbus A330-200 1
Total 17

The ones in the article are 747-200's and I read another that said the planes were there since this past April. Maybe the company had leased them and the leasees defaulted on payments causing AAF to write them off.

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I seem to recall a Convair 880 or B707 that was parked at Southend Airport for years, the owners were African but were never traced. I think it was scrapped eventually. I seem to recall Gatwick having a similar thing with a DC-8.


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Me too.

But, y'know.... the shipping charges? :censored:



a.k.a. brian747


I've heard of a cheap charter called Brians Charter IIRC. Seems to have a dodgy rep but for a few cases of single malt, hard cash and no questions you might be in luck for some shipping.


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