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Leg 01 - EHGI (Southampton) to EGPN (Dundee) via EGLS (Old Sarum)

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Welcome to this, our inaugural flight of the Around the World Challenge 7even. With 47,742 miles to go, this is indeed a daunting prospect, but hey, we’ve done it 6 times before! So, dust off your passports, oil your oily rag, clench your cheeks, and here goes!


Having secured the fuel card from the bank, I dropped my trousers (wait for it..) off at the dry cleaners to have the knees sewn back in (such was the groveling), I'll pick them up when we get back.


I snatch the baton from its resting place and it is in remarkable condition seeing it has been the equivalent distance to the moon!


Our flight today is a mere 367 miles from Southampton to Dundee via Old Sarum. I thought I would add in a couple of points of interest along the way for what would otherwise be a hum-drum flight.


Here is the flight plan, I bit of fun at the beginning and end with nearly two hours between:



On the apron at Southampton - Fully fueled, we load our gear: 



The weather today is sunshine and showers, so we make sure the flight plan is in the GPS ready and the WX radar is switched on. We’ve got permission to start and hold short for runway 20:



Flash git in a Learjet roars off on his way to Zell Am See, I can see the party lights in the back changing colour:



Lined up - let’s do this!



Cleaning up after take-off:



I wonder how many years/months it will be until I see good old EGHI again?



On our way, with Southampton Water and the Solent behind us..  7.jpg


I can already see our first waypoint in the distance, Salisbury Cathedral (just off port wing):



I turn toward Old Sarum:



Then downwind for runway 06 which just happens...



To take us past Salisbury Cathedral. completed in 1258 with the tallest spire in the UK:



Lined up for 06, I wonder whether to just fly past as the rain starts:



But I go for it anyway:



Take-off was more of a bum clencher, but keeping the faith, my trusty Navajo made it over the fence:



We pass the massive Boscombe Down establishment, I have my next waypoint in sight:



Stonehenge, I squint my eyes but Dodgy Alan is nowhere to be seen!



Mmm, a slight change in direction is required to miss the storm ahead:



We’ve just passed ex RAF Lyneham where our fallen soldiers from Afghanistan and Iran were repatriated, and Royal Wooton Bassett where, on the way to Oxford, the public would honour them as the convoy of hearses would pass through the town:



The WX radar is still showing plenty of cloud cover, ATC advise it’s no better any higher, so we press on:



Now tracking the M6 motorway, we pass between Wolverhampton on the starboard side and RAF Cosford on the port side. We seem to be coming to a clear patch:



Our next major landmark is Manchester airport:



As we press on North, the towns and built up areas become more infrequent:



Now in Scotty land, we cross the A7 to Hawick, Edinburgh is not that far away now:



The view from the cabin is peaceful, no barf bags used yet:



At last! Edinburgh is in view:


We head for our next waypoint...



At Arthur’s Seat, the site of an ancient volcano, we turn to take a direct track to the Bell Rock Lighthouse:



A small diversion to see the famous St Andrews golf links, it's the largest public golf course complex in Europe:28.jpg


Ah well, Bell Rock isn't there, it must have sunk and succumb to the sea, our turn takes us right onto our approach course for Dundee: 29.jpg


Landing checks almost complete, gear down:



Tuned into the ILS back course, which is bringing us in nicely:




AP off, a bit low, a good show for the tourists!32.jpg





Here we are just before shutdown:34.jpg


Here endeth flight one. Uneventful, but that's the way it I like it!


Off to the bar to meet up with Coff (if he's here yet) and pass over the baton and fuel card.


Hope you enjoyed my PIREP, apologies for the amount of screenshots posted, I can give Al a run for his money any day!


Software used:

Sim: Lockheed Martin P3Dv4

Aircraft: Carenado PA31 Navajo

Scenery: Orbx England, Scotland, FTX VECTORS and FX Trees.

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Great flight, boss!

I was a bit worried about that thunderstorm but I see you managed to get to destination safely.

I can't get enough of your screenshots, superb quality images, a breathtaking landscape and a fine commentary.

Don't charge too much the credit card, I will need some cash to travel to China! :whis:


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great shots, great rep too, not to keen on the wether.....me and the wife had many a walk around Salisbury and Old Sarum , I was based just up the road in Tidworth where I met her 32 years ago...yeah she still puts up with me.......looking forward to next route........

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Great leg Boss...the right one, not to keen on your lumpy left one.


I am indeed in Edinburgh sampling the local brews and waiting for the MHFC Gisa card to pay off my growing bar tab...what are you drinking Boss, it's on you!


I'll need to unwind from all the beer, at least 36 hours ;) or so...possibly as long as till this Wednesday morning to get on it...(RL Tues work sched is gonna give us a bit more time to comment on your lovely leg...the right one, not the left one).


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Just now, Captain Coffee said:

BTW...is this the Very First ATWC leg flown in 64bit?



I think so Matt! 


2 minutes ago, Captain Coffee said:

Great leg Boss...the right one, not to keen on your lumpy left one.


Hmm.. you caught me on the hop there Matt.. good job Andrew wasn't flying as he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. :huh:

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A nice gentle start to this year's challenge Boss, nicely done.

Love the aircraft and adore the screenshots. 

Wifey and I sat in the restaurant next to Dundee airport watching the very sedate action going on. 

A small airport but great scenery.

Cheers Joe.

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8 hours ago, mutley said:


I think so Matt! 



Hmm.. you caught me on the hop there Matt.. good job Andrew wasn't flying as he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. :huh:


I resemble that remark, and it happens to be the right one at that. :D

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