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Leg 48: Lusaka Intl (FLLS) - Seronera (HTSN)

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Having relatively covertly picked up the baton from Tim (as much as you can with an orange hi-vis bag - well, I did come from work!), it was time to find a set of wings to get out of here. Plan A was something fast and small, preferably single seat. I'm not the best of people to be around in a hot environment, more suited to the frozen wastes of Russia than the hot plains of Africa, Ah well.

Unfortunately, the plan failed. After scratching around for a week, the best I could come up with was a brightly-coloured PC-9


I was to travel with the company test pilot who was transiting back to Switzerland after a sales tour. Me in the front seat as the 'trainee'. Engine turning and starting to get cool air in


As a demonstrator trainer aircraft, a special "tail cam" was installed to give a view of all the aircraft


Lined up on the runway, I pushed the throttle to the red zone


Due to the altitude, it was a slow enough roll and rotation


But we were rapidly turning onto course


For the next three hours there wasn't exactly a lot to look at. An initial cruise of 15,000ft was selected, then a 'cruise-climb' at 100ft/min up to 25,000ft was selected.




Eventually, with fuel getting lower, our destination was in sight, but 25,000ft below us. Time to go down!


Breaking around the airfield



Having flew along the length of the runway, the instructor was getting a bit worried as to what I was up to


He was even more worried when I pulled the stick back, and half way around started putting the gear and flaps out!


But in perfect position. Ish


A good roll out


And open up to the heat



Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be flying the local 'club' aircraft




Aircraft used: IRIS PC-9 and Just Flight Hunter

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Nice one Chuck. :icon_goodpost: "Instructor" got schooled on an new Approach.  :dance3: I have done that before...dash across hot, invert, pop the slow stuff at the slow top of the loop, roll it, float/slip down, and roll out....yeee haaaaa. :pilotic:




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