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Volanta - anyone tried it yet?

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Hi folks, remember me?

I had an email from Orbx about Volanta and was wondering if anyone had given it a go?  If so what were their thoughts on it?

For those who haven't come across it yet, have a look at: https://volanta.app

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I think you are right JG, more of a log book, although I haven't tried it yet.

From Orbx--

our personal flight tracker, powered by Orbx

The Orbx software development team is proud to announce Volanta.

Volanta is an easy to use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims. Volanta gives you one more reason to fly.

Take flight with our easy-to-use interface, which takes all the paperwork out of setting up a flight in your simulator - leaving you more time to enjoy your flight. For those of us who like to complete detailed planning, we support that too.

The core features in Volanta will always be free, with added premium features at a later date.

You are invited to sign up for the invite-only beta.

We hope to see you in our flying community soon!

Key Features

  • Automatically track your flights in all major simulators, on all operating systems
  • Fun and fresh challenges to complete
  • Regular giveaways from Orbx and selected partners for active pilots
  • Performance focused. Super fast application on every page
  • Detailed GPU rendered map with advanced filtering options tailored to aviation
  • Unlimited flight storage and retrieval
  • Detailed statistics for aircraft, airports and routes
  • Generate a flight plan with SimBrief, or import one you’ve already made
  • Keep up with your friends flying activity and view detailed statistics
  • Security focused. Adjust who can search for you, see your flight history, or see you on the map. TOTP multi-factor authentication supported.
  • Access your flights from anywhere in the world via the web and mobile
  • Connect with Navigraph to see up-to-date navdata on the map
  • And more… keep reading to see detailed information

Tons more information here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/201295-introducing-volanta-your-personal-flight-tracker/

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I have completed a few flights with Volanta using X-Plan 11.5 now and this is what I have found:

There is a plugin that runs in the background and reports you flight to Volanta which records times, altitude, and position to record a flight and then provides that data for you from their server on an aircraft basis.

So to start with you have to register an aircraft with, in X-Plane, ICAO code and registration number.  This means you can effectively log each skin for each aircraft you have.  To fly, you first pick a registered aircraft and then record your flight as you go.  You can load in a flight plan (all major sim plans supported) if you want which is displayed on Volanta's moving map.

When your flight is completed it is recorded by default, although you may delete the record if you want. I am in the process of flying an RAF F-35B around the world and so I can now see the progress I have made since starting with Volanta which is quite nice. Its a shame I am a third the way around the world already!

I have had some Issues though.

Volanta doesn't seem to like Just Flight's Traffic Global addon.  If I have this running while recording a flight with Volanta I get a crash to desktop after 10 mins of flight.  Both addons work fine just not together on my system.  X-Plane's log records the crash as being caused by Global Traffic but with no detail, funny it hasn't happened before the Volanta plugin was installed though.

Volanta itself can be a bit flaky at times. I flew from Indianapolis to St Louis which took me a good hour to complete but the flight time is recorded as 10 mins and altitude data suddenly stopped at 20,000 feet 10 mins in. However my aircraft position was successfully logged at St Louis and the flight log shows a complete flight.  I have also noticed that the moving map can show the aircraft as being stationary at times in a flight and then suddenly there is a great leap forward as Volanta seems to play catch-up.   Navigraph monitoring plods on reliably all this time so it isn't my internet. 

The app updates its self every couple of days so work on it is still going on so hopefully the issues above will improve.  

At the moment flight logging is more important to me than traffic so I will continue to use it, I guess I will reinstall Traffic Global to see if it work every so often, fortunately its a simple thing to do in X-Plane. 

Joining Volanta can be done in several ways.  As a VatSim user, as an IVAO or as a native Volanta user.  The map shows Volanta users as blue aircraft and other networks as white aircraft.  A look at the map will show that the number of users is already very high.



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