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X-Plane web links.

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If you are looking for information on X-plane then start here, if you have a link you would like share then please add to this topic.

Official X-Plane site

http://www.x-plane.com -The X-Plane developer site. Buy X-Plane and download Demo/Updates here.



Forums, Pay-ware, and Freeware

http://x-plane.org - The X-Plane mainstream, and community site. Also contains pay-ware store.






Forums, Freeware


http://xplanefreeware.net - XPFW Team located here. They develop some of the best airliners for X-Plane.

http://www.x-plane.hu - Another community site, this time, for hungarian users!

http://www.x-plane.it/ - An Italian community site containing some very nice scenery developed for X-Plane.

http://xpafrica.blogspot.com/ - An African community site containing scenery for X-Plane and the like.


http://plainlyxplane.blogspot.com - X-Plane commentary and product reviews. Real world aviation news and events of interest.


Freeware, Pay-ware

http://shadetreemicro.com - High quality pay-ware GA and Bush Planes for X-Plane.

http://www.c74.net - Quality X-Plane pay-ware jets, GA, Helicopters, and concept designs.


http://data.x-plane.com - The site where all of the latest nav and airport data is available from.

http://www.ilmioatel...X-PlanesEN.html - An interesting Italian site dedicated to developing add-ons for X-Plane.


http://www.x-scenery.com - A site devoted to making high quality pay-ware scenery and aircraft for X-Plane.

http://www.jrollon.com - A site devoted to making high quality pay-ware and freeware aircraft for X-Plane.

http://www.x-aviation.com - X-Plane payware site. Buy all kinds of add-ons for X-Plane here.

http://www.xpjets.com - Devoted to making TOP NOTCH pay-ware aircraft for X-Plane.

http://petersuv.vs120062.hl-users.com - High quality pay-ware airliners for X-Plane.

http://forjets.netfirms.com - Historical heavy metal jets and GA pay-ware.

http://myvirtualhanger.com - High quality Warbirds and GA for X-Plane.

http://www.realscenery.com - Photorealistic pay-ware scenery for X-Plane.

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