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Guess The Airport

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.... On this planet John! ♬ There is a house.... ♬

Well done Marcel, RNJO it is! :danceb:

Embraer house colours but looks like ANA livery.

Other clues given:

Rwy 07/25

(Land of the) Rising sun.

Canine connection: Dōgo Island

Namesame = Oki (Printers)



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Second clue: The nearby hamlet is named after a ship that was specially outfitted for a particular kind of dangerous and difficult activity. The airport shares the first part of its name with the hamlet, but its full name with a waterway.

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Go for it, John. It's time for one of your specials...

And Thanks, Marcel, your clues opened up the North West Passage - very interesting history. Even the 1942 expedition took 18 months - Ouch! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

P.S. Maybe Microsoft will learn to spell, sometime - Artic Bay, Ha!

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Resolute Bay Airport it is: located near the hamlet of Resolute as well as the waterway of Resolute Bay; Resolute is named after HMS Resolute, a barque converted for arctic exploration duty; the RCAF are considering using it as an artic...I mean arctic, base, and steadfast - a silly clue I know - is a synonym for resolute. As for the aircraft; the PC-6 is rough-field kind of aircraft, and the runway surface is gravel. Over to you, John. :thum:

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You may find this one easy if you own an old copy of F-19 Stealth Fighter by Microprose. I first became aware of the existance of this military airfield while using that program a long, long time ago.



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