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  1. Can anyone recommend a free image hosting site, I'm currently using Photobucket, but it has an image size limit of 1024x768 unless you pay, which means once I resize my images and then convert them to jpg they all look a bit fuzzy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Sightseeing at dusk. Gonna make it. Say cheese. Thanks for looking.
  3. Aerosoft made VFR London X, not used it but have watched the demonstration video. Looked good.
  4. I use Ultimate Terrain Europe, looks good and all the roads are in the right place which is what I use for visual flying. It's also very parameter driven so you can turn on/off almost everything depending on your machine. Thinking about getting FS-Global-2010, any one seen it or have any views on it? Thanks.
  5. Sounds like the issue I was having ( see viewtopic.php?t=2667 ), but Mutley has already pointed out this hotfix above. I would check the dll versions again to make sure it's done what you think it has. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm not really a high altitude long haul pilot so decided to go for the Alderney update, as I go to the Channel Islands every year and enjoy flying between the islands. Think I made the right choice. Interesting idea taking images from Google Earth, something I shall have to investigate further...
  7. Just wondering how old the scenery is and whether there are ever updates for it? Just trying to decide what present I should buy myself. Thanks
  8. Just an update incase someone else has the same problem. I had installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions and this had updated two dlls which are not backward compatible (good old MS!). There is a hotfix KB961894 (http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/KB961894)) to fix this, I haven't tried everything in visual studio again but Visual Basic still seems to work. Can't stop, off to earn my tin wings. AGAIN!
  9. I think I've only just begun to scratch the surface of this flight sim stuff! :nea:
  10. Thanks for going into so much detail John, really interesting and useful.
  11. When you plan a route you have the choices of direct GPS, low and high altitude airways or VOR to VOR. Are there any rules as to which you should use, does it depend on anything like distance, aircraft or cargo? Thought it was time I learnt to do things properly!
  12. Do you mean that the red line looks a bit jagged? I would think that the resolution you are running at has changed, or the number of colours has changed. This has happened to me before, never found out why.
  13. Not sure exactly when it stopped as I don't fly them often. Last one I tried was Midwest Fly-in (or something similar). Have also tried some of the tutorial ones that I have completed before. Never gets to the objectives page, falls over when I click the fly button with a mission selected (probably after 10 seconds or so). I have also previously installed and uninstalled and deleted UK2000 free Heathrow, maybe that did something? Have never added extra missions.
  14. I can no longer fly missions, FSX crashes when I press the fly mission button. Not sure when they stopped as I don't do them that often. Does anyone else have or seen this problem before? I have FSX with service pack 2, Ultimate Terrain Europe and Just Flight Mosquito, on Vista Ultimate 64. I have uninstalled Mosquito and turned ultimate terrain off, but no luck. Any suggestions before I go for a full uninstall?
  15. Somewhere over southern England Leaving Abu Dhadi International Sightseeing around Uluru (Ayers Rock) Thanks for looking.
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