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  1. Thnx guys... Must more to follow after this
  2. After almost a year of absence here at Mutley's and elsewhere within the FS community I am back. This time I left FS9 behind and started with FSX. Take a look at some test results after giving my good old Q6600 a little boost up to 3.0GHz Simulator: FSX Airplane: QualityWings B757-200, Level-D 767-300 Repaint: QualityWings paint & mcPhatStudios World Airliners Scenery: Aerosoft Ibiza X, FlyTampa st. Maarten, Aerosoft Amsterdam X & FSDreamteam Honolulu Add-ons: Active Sky v6.5, GEX, UT Europe X, REX + Overdrive, I hope you like it!!!
  3. Great shot and a well deserved winner :icon_thumbup:
  4. RB16015

    Iris A-10

    Lovely shots of an 'strange' looking plane
  5. Stunning shots!!! :icon_thumbup:
  6. Thanks guys. @Joe Yep Madeira was my destinations of that flight. But it is a hard land procedure
  7. Simulator: FS2004 Airplane: Default Cessna 182 Repaint: Default Scenery: Aerosoft German Airports 4 Add-ons: Active Sky Evolution, Ground Enviroment pro, Real Enviroment Xtreme FS2004 + Overdrive, HDR Plugin for FS2004
  8. :001_th_smiles76::001_th_smiles76::001_th_smiles76: Sorry, I couldn't find one that is not spectacular
  9. WOW!!! Excellent way to show FS9 is still alive :icon_thumbup:
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