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  1. After 2 weeks of BSDs I decided that overheating could be a problem, knocked out a couple of panels front and back and it's never been so quiet. No problems since, looks like it's been running hot since it arrived, only 6 years! Bit draughty around my feet now though. Headphones had also been one sided for some time, while I was at it I'd knocked the jack plug and the end had broken off inside, that was a real devil to get out. Back up and running down the Blue Ridge.
  2. Apart from the email trying to get me to buy every week, which I haven't tried to stop, I haven't had any problems with them. Most recent problem of installing the Pilatus Porter was solved by downloading the latest installer.
  3. Thanks all. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 Jim, screenshots have been reduced and compressed for posting. FPS for this flight is around 35 on average (external slightly higher), but it's set on unlimited, and I uninstalled FS9 last year mainly because of the effect of upgrading to a widescreen monitor and the quality of VCs. I used to fly a lot in the 2D panels before then. The spec is as profile. I need to root around in the CFG a bit and see what if there's any more to do. This is the steam edition and I think it's still looking at the original from the previous install. Thanks again.
  4. Great shots Alan, there's one at Elvington, have to dig out my photos, got one of a plaque regarding combat. Can't remember exactly but I remember being surprised.
  5. Commander over Monadnock.
  6. There shouldn't be a problem with your suggestion. Normally, I'd remove all the addons first through their own uninstaller or the control panel, finally take off FSX. Make sure that you rename or delete the FSX folder containing the CFG or a reinstall will use it (like mine does-got to sort that!). Then remove the FSX folder that everything was in just to be sure. You should be able to leave REX and run it once FSX is back on, should be able to configure it to match the location of the new install if you change it, again this caused me no problems. Start here for FSX CFG tweaks. ht
  7. Glad to see familiar names after so long. Decided to invest in SE when it was on offer and it had sat around going nowhere,so I bit the bullet and began work on it on Saturday. Still a lot to sort out, looks like it found my old cfg, getting lots of missing scenery notices and will have to configure the joystick with trim, but otherwise working well. Getting a few extra FPS, but could be just wishful thinking based on some reports, gradually moving north through the US with scenery. Should be on some VA work next week.
  8. Great shot Loic, and plenty more on your blog.
  9. Painting the kitchen ceiling held priority over flying today but still stole two short loops during coffee breaks.
  10. What else are holiday's for?
  11. Great angle on the first shot, well done!
  12. Great set of shots Al, the section view is a fantastic idea.
  13. Great job as always Jan.
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