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  1. Well all is well. I contacted Flight1 and they got back to me promptly. Submitted my ticket and now awaiting my refund. It is a 30 day policy like someone had mentioned. No problems, hassles, or questions asked. Thanks to all!!
  2. I will guys. I opened up a ticket with them. Hopefully all goes well.
  3. Thanks guys. I will contact Flight1. At least it doesn't hurt to try.
  4. Last night I decided to purchase the QW Bae-146. So from the QW website it redirected me to Flight 1's website to the Bae purchase page. I have purchased from Flight1 before and know about the wrapper system but when in the process of purchasing and filling in the info I didn't realize it took me to the FS9 version of the Bae. Of course you can figure out the rest!! LOL!! I purchased the FS9 version by total mistake. I realized this after getting to the install process. After going back and looking the link if you want to purchase the FSX version was at the top. Now that I bored you with my la
  5. Last one. Not sure if vortices count as smoke/contrails? But I love the sleekness of this aircraft. Enjoy!!
  6. My 1st. Not much but landing was ok.!! Enjoy!
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