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  1. "So your fetish is to be humiliated and treated like dirt? You need to go that way..."
  2. Some good entries, but Cat3508 has the winner. Congratulations,, sir.
  3. His defection complete, ex-Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius relaxes with some western consumer items at a secret location somewhere in the U.S.
  4. Dana International's less attractive older sister starts her new cabin crew job. (Apologies...I went off looking for a good pic and got sidetracked...)
  5. Nobody had told Bob that for air starts, you don't need to get out and swing the prop. (What's the real story behind this picture?)
  6. Poor drainage on 10R had always been a problem....
  7. "And so, the 737 MAX is finally back in the air. Let's go over to our air travel correspondent who's at the check-in desk. How's business, Bob?"
  8. We have a winner: Over to you, Vlad, I mean, Tim.
  9. "Are you sure you need these attached to do a dutch roll?"
  10. "Heineken...refreshes the parts other rocket pods can't reach."
  11. "Bumper-to-bumper traffic, you say? We'll see about that..."
  12. RAF prototypes post-Brexit attack helicopter.
  13. "I'll be late home for dinner, honey - the traffic's at a standstill."
  14. "That's some loud engine in this little thing - it sounds like a bunch of turbofans..."
  15. Instructor: "Ignore them; they all had to learn once too. We'll give the engine a few minutes to un-flood itself and then we'll try again..."
  16. "I love how flying allows me to relax, forget about everything and leave all the pressure, stress and worries behind...now where did I leave that take off checklist...?"
  17. Zzzzzzzz...eh...wha'...whassup.... Sorry folks, message received. Will come up with something asap.
  18. Player in blue: "Serves you right for telling the ref where to shove the ball..."
  19. "Then he went into this weird stance and I knew I had to take him out", said the moose.
  20. And beating England in the Rugby...
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