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  1. Training session for aquatic synchronised Big Mac eating.
  2. "Hmmm...maybe I took the wrong exit off that roundabout."
  3. Air traffic controllers and employers finally come to an agreement on leisure facilities.
  4. "...but a spokesmen for the airline has said there is no foundation to claims that cargo overloading has reached ridiculous levels..."
  5. My wife sent me this and it cracked me up. Most people probably won't be able to decipher the accent, but I just had to post it here anyway...
  6. I was driving to work one day when the CEO called me on my mobile. "You're promoted to assistant manager,"he said. I got such a surprise I swerved to the left. A few minutes later he called again and told me I was promoted to manager, and I got such a surprise I swerved to the right. After another few minutes he called again and told me I was promoted to regional manager. I got such a shock I swerved again and ended up on the grass verge. The police turned up and asked me what happened. I told them I'd careered off the road. (Tommy Cooper)
  7. Agreed. Those who criticise Carenado because they're not PMDG/A2A quality are far outnumbered by those who are just frustrated at a developer who fails again and again to get the basics right (which is why I only ever buy their products during sales). Note too that many of these complaints are fixed by other simmers, and in a short time, which goes to show that what's being asked of Carenado isn't really an awful lot.
  8. It's interesting to read this because the review I did of the Tomahawk (for the now-vanished Aerosoft Sim News) required more work than I anticipated. Not just in terms of flight testing but also in terms of putting thoughts together as in: what do I really think about X? Is it reasonable to expect Y? Am I being too hard on the developer? Am I going too easy for fear of being unfair? Etc. Nailing your colours to the mast is easy enough...the tricky bit is deciding what colours to nail. In my experience anyway. I'd link to the review but it has disappeared, although I still have
  9. It goes to show how not seeing the whole picture can fool you...I thought it was photographed from the back!
  10. I have to agree, particularly when combined with quality control that is at best dysfunctional - from the customer's point of view - suspect it works fine for Carabeo. @Andrew Godden Andrew, you are right. I've just checked and it does work that way. I re-downloaded mine recently so maybe they fixed it in the meantime, I'm sure it didn't do that before, and Bert Pieke (see Brett's point #4 ) never mentioned it when he sent me a fix for it. That said, their aircraft look terrific, and at sale prices they aren't a bad buy. I weakened in the end and picked up the Malibu
  11. Hi guys and thanks for the further input. I may have given the wrong impression above. When I say what is modeled should work, I mean what the developer has designed to work, should work, not that everything that is visible should work. I have enough Carenado aircraft in my hangar alongside A2A, Milviz and RealAir GA aircraft to know what I can realistically expect from each developer. Non-functioning circuit breakers are not an issue, because hardly anyone does them. Things like avionics that can be started up without the battery being on are irritating, but are something I can li
  12. Thanks all. I'm specifically interested in the basic Mirage, but what I'm more interested in is the inevitable Carenado issues.
  13. I'm considering the B350i and the Piper Malibu Mirage. Does anyone know the extent of the problems* with either and whether there are any fixes? I know about the gear down light problem with the 350i and it's a no sale for me if there's no fix for it. I don't look for PMDG-level modelling, but what is modeled should work. Note that I don't say "are there any?"
  14. Cub Pilot: "You sure you want me to taxi in front of the Skyvan?" Tower: "Yes...he's not hungry...he just had a microlite for lunch"
  15. The trouble with getting a fast turnaround in some countries is that baggage handlers insist on having their meal breaks right on schedule, no matter what else is going on.
  16. "I told you I could get it to sit up and beg...wanna see see it roll over?"
  17. The first officer thought it would be a great prank to call "V1...rotate" as soon as the captain got in his seat.
  18. "OK...there...I've got rid of it. Now will you shut up about the m*****f***ing snakes on your m*****f***ing plane?"
  19. This one is tough to caption. Too many disturbing questions jumping out...that we're probably better off not knowing the answers to. That said, he may have just fainted having seen what these places charge even for something as simple as a feckin' egg sandwich. I've had "HOW MUCH????" experiences like that myself. But still, those questions...<shudder>.
  20. "Crowds admire the minimal silhouette and clean lines of the new North Korean stealth bomber." - Pyongyang Daily Herald
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