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    CNN Reports

    Hopefully the Toronto Sun doesn't follow suit and get rid of the sunshine girl. (sorry) But it's the only reason to get that paper, other then I like the sports coverage of the Blue Jays a bit better.
  2. A very nice review. I think I might pick this up.
  3. Today's flight from Antrim to Ottawa will take us over Toronto, and CFB Trenton. Today's airplane is an RCAF C-130E. Today is beautiful day for flying! Last minute loading is being completed. Engine start. Look at that smoke! Lined up ready for take off And off we go! OH THE SMOKE! The climb out into the overcast sky Crossing the Ontario coast Toronto Downtown Canada That cloud of vertical development is pretty high Some guests are going to be doing a HALO into CFB Trenton, but you didn't see that or read that. Or just forget this wh
  4. Could it be Boeing's entry into the CX-Heavy Logistics System (CX-HLS)?
  5. Very nice. Glad your flap failure didn't cause a smoking hole in the ground
  6. Correct Alan. It is indeed the Blériot XI. First airplane to cross the ditch.
  7. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go!
  8. The hard part about guessing russian aircraft is they all look the same unless it's an LaGG or IL and then all the LaGG's look alike and all the IL's look alike. Silly russians.
  9. A Cessna 172 doing some work in FSE in the PNW
  10. It really looks like a Mig-3 but those gear doors are wrong
  11. Dont worry boss, since I umm.... relocated the F/A-18E... ya relocated is right word, maybe borrowed? The RCAF paid for the fuel for us.
  12. I decided what ATWC really need is a real hot rod aircraft! So I introduce to you the F/A-18E painted in RCAF 410 Squardon colours. This is a fictional repaint for the 18E since the 410 only fly the CF-18. The repaint is for the 2003 Tiger Meet of the Americas. Lined up on a snow covered runway It's time to kick the tires and light the fires Can anybody say unrestricted climb? Time to burn some fuel Mach 1 baby! Some great views while zooming around The airport up ahead. This flight flew by. Set up for landing View from the crowd gathere
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