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  1. We are extremely pleased to invite you to continue the adventure of our FSX add-on mission, Big Budget Blockbuster.
  2. We are extremely pleased to invite you to the world premiere of our brand new FSX add-on mission, Big Budget Blockbuster Welcome to the film business! Your old buddy from school, who is now a big shot movie producer, has invited you to Hawaii to check out the set of his latest movie and to attend the wrap party with the cast and crew.
  3. Hello. I though you might like to see the PREVIEW VIDEO for day 2 of Colorado Camping Weekend.
  4. Hello all, Just thought you might like to know that the design phase is now complete for DAY 2. We have moved on to Alpha testing, which involves flying the mission ourselves to find/fix any bugs. We can't give an exact release date yet, but it won't be too long now. Kind regards, Chris
  5. I haven't heard of Cachya, but I have tested this: http://www.free-track.net/english/ It worked great during my initial tests, but I haven't gotten around to actually making the setup yet.
  6. Hi John, The settings in your sim have changed, perhaps because you have installed a new joystick or yoke(?!?). Go into your SETTINGS > CONTROLS and then make sure you see the CONTROLS for your joystick or yoke or pedals. Then you can change which axis does what (turn left, right, etc). You can assign anything you want so if you'd rather use your throttle lever to go up/down, then assign that movement to that axis ... BUT beware that if your throttle is not at ZERO when you go into slew mode, then your aircraft will go straight up! (or spin around, or move far away to the left, or whatever
  7. Here are two more valuable resources: The official Microsoft SDK (Software Development Kit) instructions for Mission Creation: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526963(v=MSDN.10).aspx An great resource to know which Scenery Objects you can add to missions: http://lc0277.nerim.net/sceneobjects/
  8. Wow ... what great photos! I'm so glad you liked it. And thanks for providing a mini-review so that others can get a good preview of what to expect. You've done an excellent job here Kind regards, Chris P.S. If/when you finish parts 2 & 3 (successfully), then you'll get a bonus VIDEO reward!
  9. Hello ... I guess I'll kick things off in this forum. If you need assistance with building your mission, let me know ... I might be able to help you. I'm not an expert, but I've built some successful missions. In fact, I am proud to say that my 2nd mission still has the honor of being the most downloaded mission on Avsim. It's called A380 Birthday Surprise (you can find it here). Also, my latest freeware mission is also on Avsim (available here). Kind regards, Chris
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