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  1. sidler

    CRI Champ

    Flightsim.com p.s. I have a very hard posting anything on this site! I'm working on it. Dick
  2. sidler

    CRI Champ

    Prepar3D v3.4 Aeronca C3htt
  3. I have Pease AFB v2 working on Prepar3D v3. Check it out on the .NET. It's pretty cool! Dick
  4. Excellent shots....you gotta love the cub.
  5. sidler

    Super Cub

    I would like to thank all who tried to help with my screenshots attempts. I'm sure it's something on my end. p.s. I will work on it until I get it! Thanks Dick
  6. sidler

    Aeronca C3

  7. Now I can't control how many!! Here is what I'm doing: 1. Click on screenshot and change from .bmp to jpeg 2. Use IMGUR, bring screenshot in, chose BBCODE (copy) 3. Go to Mutley's Hangar, go to Screenshots & Video's, click on start new topic 4. Click on control+V...nothing appens! 4.a Option: I click Menu and nothing happens! p.s. sometimes it works …...sometimes it doesn't. Dick
  8. sidler

    Super Cub

    Thanks, sometimes the screenshots work and sometimes they don't....
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