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  1. @Jim You should've joined the CIX VFR Club. A great bunch and regular fly-ins, and Yes I am a member! Den
  2. I bought the C310R, I already had a freeware 310Q and Bought this to see if the fuel management was better. The frame rates with the 310R are miserable, less than half of those with the freeware one. I don't think I'll be using it much based on that.
  3. Brought back memories, we did this flight last year RW in the Islander. Took off from Kirkwall, then to Papay, the Westray, then back to Kirkwall. Only trouble was we were in the back row! Den
  4. I think you are confusing Widefs, by Pete dowson, with Wideview, by Luciano Napolitano(I think that's how it's spelt). Wideview will allow you to link 2 separate copies of fsx on 2 pcs to use different outside views. WideFs fools the second pc into believing fsx is running on it (it isn't fsx only runs on the main pc) and I use it to run my Peix software, amongst other programs. The advantage is that it reduces the load on the fsx pc, which just displays the outside view. Yes, you can move and resize the gauges as you see fit. You can also tell it which gauges you want to see and which
  5. Try this site if you want to run the instruments on a second pc. I have used it for several years in my simpit and am very happy with it. http://www.peixsoft.com/index.php?page=ga-panel Den
  6. Hi, yess that's right. I have a PCI sound card for ATC and a USB sound dongle for the environment sounds. The USB one works quite well and only cost a couple of quid- including postage from Hong Kong as well. The allocation is made in the sound set up in FSX. Regards Den
  7. Good luck Alan, from a fellow CABG ( 8 years ago now) Den
  8. Hi Gabethepilot, Just seen your post today. Sorry, I haven't, I sold it on E-Bay- and for more than it was advertised here!! Den
  9. I am offering for sale my TrackIR and Track Clip Pro. It is in good condition and works very well with v5 software. Following a rebuild of my simpit with 6 screens for the outside views the TreackIR is now surplus to requirements. Price £70+ P & P. Anyone interested please seend me a PM. Regards Den
  10. Just downloaded it, and I think it is far smoother than previous versions, worked perfectly "straight out of the box". Set up was so easy and intuitive. Den
  11. Needles just wondering how you are getting on networking your pc and laptop? Finally got round to taking some photos of my simpit, as you asked. It is not a copy of anything, rather its a generic one that I can use for different types of aircraft, as you can see from the photos. One shows it in GA mode and one in Heavies mode. It is based on 2 networked pcs, The main one a Q6600 driving the outside views via aTH2G, and the second, an older machine with 2 screens on one video card, for the instruments and Flight Sim Commander. The left screen of the 2 instrument screens has a touch panel
  12. Hi Needles Cant post any piccies at the moment as I am away from home on a really slow connection. The first thing you need to do is to link the pcs on a network, if you haven't already, either wired or wireless. The laptop is likely to have a wireless connector built in it already. If you are only linking the 2 computers you can use a crossover cable, but if you want to link more than that you will need some sort of network hub and a cable for each pc. You should be able to get them all from a local component shop. The software needed to make the link is built in to windows, just look i
  13. Needles As Mutley said you will need FSUIPC/WideFs to run the external applications but when you have that there are a lot of stand alone gauge programs available, some payware others freeware/donations, both for GA and for heavies. I personally have a multiple pc setup with all gauges displayed on a slave pc. I have 2 separate progams on the slave pc, one showing GA instruments and the other for a glass cockpit when flying the heavy stuff. There is also a program called WideView which can be used to achieve a similar end by using the laptop to run as master, displaying only instruments (yo
  14. Cheers Mutley. I've waited this long for TrafficX, guess i can wait another day. Den
  15. Just Tried- to get into their site that is, can't access either forum or shop. Either they're deluged or they've took it offline! Den
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