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  1. There is something about "gull winged" aircraft that sets them apart. The Chance Vought F4U 'Corsair' was another classic. As for the warm beer comment, don't take it to heart. Whenever I am over your way, I seek out the pub with the most local brews on tap and start at one end and keep going until I have sampled them all. Mind you, this is done over a series of sessions not in one session. I am very partial to the strong dark ales and traditional "old" ales. Bottoms up! Andrew
  2. Charles Kingsford Smith's "Southern Cross" and a piece of aviation history from the era of gallant and erudite gentleman. The original from 1928 is now housed in a special display hangar at Brisbane Airport (YBBN). There is also a full-sized flying replica in Adelaide, South Australia, which was built in the 1980's and is the largest replica aircraft in the world. Nothing fancy in this cockpit, just an ADF, a compass and a chronometer. A low fly pass of Wolf Rock. A tad long on the touchdown back at EGHI, but OK for this old bird.
  3. Picked up this at a RAAF surplus "fire sale" after they were retired in 2010. Lined up at EGHI, Rwy 20 awaiting takeoff clearance. A steep climb out to teach the tech crew in the back a lesson or two for spending the night out drinking funny warm beer. At least they still had the sense to not touch "Fosters". For a tactical transport aircraft, she cuts a mean figure from front on. All down and dirty and the R2000 "Twin Wasps" are purring. Ah, EGJA and Rwy 21. At 1628' not even the trees will create a problem. Those in the Tower have a great view for this. Pulled her up jus
  4. John, I purposefully design the route and weather for exactly the reason of bringing the shorter grass strips into play, thereby trying to get participants to use them, but it just must be human nature to want to land on the main rwy. Interestingly, you will then often see comments about how the crosswind was a challenge during the landing or that it nearly exceeded the aircraft's limits, etc, etc. So, as they say, "you can lead a horse to water, but.....". :biggrin: Cheers Andrew
  5. Piotr, When designing a route for a rally, it is done using a standard installation of FS9 and FSX. This ensures that even the beginner, who makes no changes to their MSFS installation, can participate. While some of us would like our MSFS set-up to be as close to the real world as possible, you cannot cater for such a wide variety of scenery set-ups. :001_th_smiles89: As for real world NAVAIDs that are decommissioned and new ones commissioned, I have enough trouble keeping track of my own add-on scenery library. :icon_yikes: In amongst all of this, sometimes I actually just want to fin
  6. Keith, Unfortunately, we don't have a system whereby we can confirm the receipt of PIREPs as the backend process on the admin side is predominantly manual. Speaking as one member of the rally committee, once the results are posted for each Flight Leg, and if we find there has been a problem, some latitude will be given. The objective of the event is about having fun, not crucifying participants over some doubt as to the receipt of a PIREP. Regards Andrew Post Edit: Keith, after you press the PIREP submit button you should get a screen confirming your PIREP has been received. To further
  7. Dai, I've had no problems downloading the Auster this morning. Maybe worth another try. Regards Andrew
  8. Guys, For my two bobs worth, I like the Miles M.65 'Gemini' or M.38 'Messenger' or any of the Auster variants. Basic rudimentary aircraft to test your flying/navigation kills. A great freeware range is available (particularly at Britsim), some of which are FSX compatible. I only have them installed in FS9, but I might install them in FSX and do some test flying. I am also comfortable with the DH.89 and already have that installed in FSX. Thought about entering it in the rally but every man and his dog was flying one (sorry Kieren). Cheers Andrew
  9. Joe, Decided to continue this discussion under a more appropriate thread. Now, about the Pasped 'Skylark'. Go on and give yourself a nudge, it's worth the extra challenge. I just entered the Fokker F.VIIb/3m (Charles Kingsford Smith's "Southern Cross"). I edited the panel.cfg and removed the GPS, leaving myself only an ADF, compass and chronometer. Test Flight cruise speed of approximately 92 mph KIAS (note the miles per hour). I've got some extra flight planning to do with this one and will have to dig out my conversion tables. With a cruise speed of 125 mph on the 'Skylark' you will
  10. What!!! Add some modern instruments and take all the real fun out of flying this old classic - such blasphemy. I'm still looking for a good "classic" to fly in the rally and fly it like they did in the era of the aircraft. Not that I don't think the route is challenging enough. Clearly it was designed by someone with a sick mind to conveniently avoid all those NAVAIDS out there. BTW Joe, I have been meaning to ask, what scenery are you using?
  11. Dai, Count me in, if you are prepared to put up with the boisterous Aussie in the outfit. With the individual entries I am looking at having (probably five), an extra Flight Leg will be nothing. Are we using any specific MSFS version? Cheers Andrew P.S. I'm prepared to fly anything.
  12. Stefan, Some additional points to add to Joe's response. The MEBAR is an event designed to test individual flying and navigation skills. An important part of this is the flight planning for each Flight Leg. The Test Flight provides the organisers with a reference speed for your chosen aircraft flown in perfect weather conditions at a nominal VFR altitude of 4500'. The Target Times factor in an approximation of the performance characteristics of your aircraft for the climb to cruise, cruise, descent, circuit and approach phases of flight. Other than the basic navigation instructions provi
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