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  1. Bought it as soon as it turned V3 and am enjoying it. Well apart from an airport truck driving into me preflight. Installed with ease and runs like a dream with all the details on. steve
  2. Hi all. Been flying around PNW VFR mostly and always like to know conditions before flying. WindyTy.com is absolutely perfect for me. A simple in motion visual model of what weather/wind is doing for anywhere in the world. A few things that really make this great for aviators....You can chose the altitude for the weather to be shown, very useful for staying below harsh conditions.....You can move the little bar around the map for detailed weather for where it points....Best of all, if you zoom close enough, its shows airfields and if the are currently VFR or IFR. Before every flight I pop thi
  3. Orbx have released P3D v3 PNW Installer. As i'm jumping from FSX to P3D this will be my first taste of P3D flying over some decent scenery. Steve. P.S. Hello again to those that might remember me. Your not seeing things
  4. reef

    A few pics.

    Hey guys. Hope you are all well and no doubt looking forward to a break at Christmas. I figured it was about time i dropped some shots in. These are the same i put up at JF so you may have already seen them. If not, i hope there is something you like :great: Well there you go, take care steve
  5. reef

    Two more.

    Thanks guys :biggrin: Phil i did think about tracers but then did not as hes not actually in his firing line yet but no doubt a burst is imminent. I may have to think about a shot with more gunfire next time, would be a challenge to get right but could look good. steve
  6. reef

    Two more.

    Hey guys. Just a couple more edits. The first was done quickly early sunday morning as my girl decided she wanted to be up at 6.30 instead of 8.30 :smile: So it was not up to my usual efforts but not too bad. No origional for this one, edited over it and the before.. Both the backgrounds are my own photos, im hardly without a camera on my travels these days Thanks for taking a look.. steve
  7. reef

    Standing Tall.

    Thanks Joe :smile: steve
  8. Excellent work :smile: One thing i would do is select each panel of glass that form the windscreen, and give them a touch of reflection starting very slight and increase slightly for each panel towards the right. This shows how each piece of glass reflects light from the sky individually as each is pointing in a slightly different direction. Work always on a new layer then shift its opacity slider when finished until happy. steve
  9. reef

    Standing Tall.

    Cheers bud :smile: Feel free to use it how you wish steve
  10. Nice looking shots sir :nea: Agree with the others on selection, time spent cutting out is well spent. I use the polygon tool myself always triming up close. You will notice there is no hard line up close but rather it blends between aircraft and whats behind. Try to cut half way between the two if you can. Keep em coming steve
  11. reef

    Standing Tall.

    Hey Joe, hope you had a good holiday :nea: Thanks for the comments on the shot and as requested here are the origional screens... Cheers.. steve
  12. reef

    Standing Tall.

    Cheers fellas, appreciate your comments With what has been said here and over at SSW, i do believe i have somehow managed to hit the nail on the head with this shot. Thanks... steve
  13. Hey :smile: Ive been trying the rise of Flight demo and after a quick dispatch by a hun Albatross (i think) my aircraft clattered to the earth in a very undignified fasion. Anyway the end result shows the German pilot surveying his handywork. I know i used this background recentley but was ideal for the shot i wanted to create so sorry for that. Thanks for taking a look... steve
  14. Haha a quality answer, shows what i know :smile: steve
  15. Quite unique, well done :smile: steve
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