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  1. Eric 'Winkle' Brown on Desert Island Discs. The pilot who has flown the most different types of ac was the guest on DID today. If you've missed it you can get it on the BBC iPlayer.
  2. Heads up! Just Flight boxed sale on until Monday 17/11, Canberra £20, L1011 £5 etc
  3. Exclusive Deal - Save 30% and Get the Amazing MilViz 737-200 Classic Jetliner right now at PC Aviator for just $34.99 This is a highly-rated jet add-on for FSX and P3D (separate version for P3Dv2) and can be yours now for a great low price. Offer Ends 21st October 2014 - Act Now to get this aircraft in your virtual hangar today via Instant Download! The 737 series is the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. High Performance and Packed with Features The B737-200c model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart. The
  4. Heads up cargo freaks, there's a small preview of Air Hauler2 on the Just Flight site. Might be interested meself.
  5. MilViz P-38 Redbull Redux On Sale Now - Exciting Aircraft to Fly! We've just added the MilViz P-38 package to our weekly deal list, and it can be yours for a crazy low price right now. Pay just $13.65 to get instant download access to this classic aircraft, modeled on a modernised P-38 from the real world (Red Bull sponsored). Features a modern flight deck fitout to the classic P-38 airframe. Not to be missed at under $14 - A must-have we are sure you will love flying... Buy Your Copy of the MilViz P-38 Redbull Redux package now at http://www.pcaviator...roductid=555130 Offer Ends 11t
  6. The best Adelaide Airport (Australia) Scenery for FSX and P3D available can be yours now at the lowest ever price of just $16.77 on sale now at PC Aviator! Buy and get instant download access via email, or choose a DVD backup option and we will mail you this title on a label-printed DVD disk for just $5.95 extra (shipping included). Grab Adelaide International X now on sale at http://www.pcaviator...roductid=555209
  7. Some of you will have heard of FutureLearn, an off-shoot of the Open University, who run on-line courses on a wide range of subjects. I did one last year on the - don't laugh! - the Higgs Bosun, and it was excellent. Anyway, as you can see from the post subject, they're doing a course on how aircraft developed during the first World War, which looks quite interesting. Here's some blurb: Hello David, There is now one month to go until the start of 'Aviation Comes of Age' and I am looking forward to welcoming you to the course. From 20 October, we will be looking at the fascination - tinged
  8. Hello fellow pilots! First of all, a big thanks for the splendid job on both pushing on in my absence, and getting us all the way around the world back to the UK and London City Airport. The video of the final on-line flight down to Southampton is sadly still in production due to some unforseen technical difficulties caused by some of the planes used when used together with FS Recorder and EZDok Cameras. I have now sorted this issue, those pilots that opted to use the Lanceair Legacy from RealAir will as if by magic, instead be flying the Carenado Cirrus SR22. I hope to be able to
  9. Hello all ATWC participants. With section 6 done it's time to head into the homestretch and bring our Baton back to Southampton. As you can see we have 8 legs left to negotiate before we have reached our final destination at EGHI so there are still lots of stories to tell! The bidding window for Section 7 will open at 18:00 UTC on Satruday July the 5th. As usual you will need to email your bids to atwc@mutleyshangar.com, and only bids sent to this address after the bidding window is open are eligible for assignment. If you bid for legs 66, 67 or 70 remember to include the
  10. We are extremely pleased to invite you to continue the adventure of our FSX add-on mission, Big Budget Blockbuster.
  11. Instead of having the usual End of Financial Year Sale (EOFYS) we are running a Start of Financial Year Sale (SOFYS) at PC Aviator! There are over 470 download items on sale, with savings up to 55% OFF the normal price. Here's whats on offer: 20% OFF ALL IRIS AIRCRAFT (17 Products) 25% OFF NUVECTA (10 Products) 30% OFF AVIATION TUTORIALS DOWNLOADS (5 Products) 30% OFF FS INVENTIONS (6 Products) 30% OFF ALL MILVIZ AIRCRAFT DOWNLOADS (7 Products) 33% OFF TOPSKILLS E-BOOKS & VIDEOS (14 Products) 35% OFF FSPS (4 Products) 40% OFF ABACUS DOWNLOADS (42 Products) 40% OFF DRZEWI
  12. Earth Simulations' long awaited photo scenery with 3D autogen is nearing release. See the latest screenshots of North West Scotland here: http://earthsimulations.com/shop/showcase/nggallery/product-screenshots/in-the-works-for-2014 Looks good so far! Cheers - Dai. P.S. Congrats on the anniversary, D & V!
  13. Until the end of June 2014, Save 20% OFF all IRIS Flight Simulation Software's Aircraft Add-ons for FSX and P3D. Don't miss this chance to save on popular aircraft expansions for your sim. Browse All IRIS Sale Products Online Now at http://www.pcaviator...ome.php?cat=771
  14. The sign of great improvements to the FSX platform by Fly Tampa and their latest airport to come: @copyright Fly Tampa This does bring it to almost real..................
  15. Greetings all adventurers. With Section 5 done and dusted it's time to set our sights on the African continent in section 6, although we will be heading to a few European airports too.. This time the departure board is only half as long as the previous two sections, so I hope we will populate the 8 flights in a fairly short space of time, and once we are done with this section we will be on the home stretch of this Around the World Challenge. The bidding window for Section 6 will open at 09:00 UTC on Sunday the 8th of June. As usual only bids sent to atwc@mutleyshangar.com
  16. From now until 1st June 2014, you will pay just AUD$15.36 for Bill Stack's Digital Book that teaches you all about Instrument Flying in your simulator.This is a great saving of 30% OFF the normal price. Plus, you can read this digital edition of the manual on any PC/Mac or mobile device/tablet that can open and read PDF files. Instrument Flying for Flight-Simulation Pilots explains how you can find your way around without seeing anything out your windows! Start by recognizing what instrument flying is and isn't. Learn about instrument flight requirements and restrictions. Lea
  17. 2 Popular And Adjacent Ultra Res Cities In The One Title! Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50 cm resolution scenery for larger cities and Terminal Control Areas. This titles gives you 2 Terminal Control Areas - Los Angeles and San Diego (shown by the chart link below) around 20,000 square miles of the all displayed at 50 cm per pixel. At over 20,000 square miles and 24 Gigabytes of ultra high res scenery this is an extra large title! We have had to charge just a little more to help cover the additional costs that come wit
  18. EASTER 2014 SPECIAL PROMOTION 50% OFF ALL MSE 2.0 Scenery Products until 21st April 2014 No Coupons Needed. Prices reduced on all MSE 2.0 titles at PC Aviator Titles from as little as $2.50 Instant Download after purchase, or choose the DVD backup option to have products sent to you on disc(s) (backup disk option not discounted). Come and see what parts of the world are available in the largest photoreal scenery project in FS history! Browse and buy titles online now at http://www.pcaviator...ome.php?cat=716
  19. Heads up, Just Flight Bank Holiday sale now on. Connie for a tenner if you aint got it geddit!
  20. Pilots, I have become aware that some of the instructions given do not appear to result in the waypoint being found due to the radials not intersecting. The route was planned using FSX and you may be experiencing problems due to some of the following: • variations in NAVAID locations between FS9 and FSX; • possible differences in magnetic variation between FS9 and FSX data; and • possible plotting error due to misreading the bearing TO and bearing FROM instructions. Here are some coordinates for some reported anomalies: Leg 3, waypoint 18: N57° 8' 36.26",W5° 46' 51.7
  21. Up to 70% off selected items at Just Flight...till 4pm UK time on Tuesday 22nd April. Majestic Dash8 has a few pennies off too..
  22. Heads up guys... dust off the credit cards Abacus have got a discount on their Airbus bundle made up of the A310, 19,20,30,40,50,80 and the Boeing 787 all for $39 Go take a look... http://www.abacuspub.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=222 There also some 30% off offers too : D Minx
  23. Dear all, I am not in a position to update the results board today, Wednesday, so please call back Thursday morning UTC. Joe
  24. Thanks to SIM720 for this very kind offer! In support of the Easter flying rally we are currently offering 20% discount on Inverness and Stornoway. Please use voucher code: MEBAR2014 This discount only applies to purchases from the SIM720 product download page, visit http://flight.sim720...k/products1.php This offer expires Monday 21st April 2014 Happy Easter and Happy Flying from the SIM720 Team.
  25. Our staff reviewer Kevin Firth has been talking to Ben Weston, the founder of Airline2SIm about the company and release of their latest product Q400 Cadet Training. Click on the image above to read the interview and watch exclusive footage made by Ben for Mutley's Hangar viewers. Enjoy!
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