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  1. Please see confirmation of your Pilot ID Below Pilot ID Name Screen Name Country ATWC001 Joe Lawford mutley UK ATWC002 Brian Buckley Needles UK ATWC003 Rosario Manzo rosariomanzo Italy ATWC004 Matt Gardner Captain Coffee USA ATWC005 Kieran Marshall Hurricanemk1c Eire ATWC006
  2. The challenge so far has been anything but quiet. Remember when it was a simple case of where would Sharon turn up? Now, thanks to a few interesting characters that (in retrospect) were foolishly allowed to fly the baton around the world, we have a multi-national maniac chasing after us, for reasons still really unknown. Various rumours have flown around with the baton, as to what it contains. This would be my 33rd time flying the baton (twice in ATWC 1, 5 in ATWC 2, 4 in ATWC 3, 3 in ATWC 4, 6 in ATWC 5, 11 in ATWC 6 and 4 previous legs in this challenge). Never before has the pr
  3. I arrived back at Niue after some delicate negotiations with our financiers and to set up the aircraft for our next flight, desperate times call for desperate measures. I made track for Turtle Lodge, a safe house up the coast. I didn’t have to introduce myself, the doors opened as if by magic, obviously someone was keeping an eye out and flipped the switch. I was shown to the lounge, JG was already there and in a bit of a state, so much so he still hadn’t changed out of his flight gear. Jasmine relayed what had happened previously, and JG was taking a small drink to calm his nerves
  4. Continued from the end of Leg 20... We crept in to Nausori under the cover of darkness although the noise of the reverse thrust was enough to alert the whole town. I waited for clearance to de-board the aircraft safe in the knowledge that JG had already stowed the baton in my next aircraft ready for the flight. Putinfeld’s goons weren’t expecting me and were loitering in the bar looking for the exchange of the baton. JG had already hightailed it out of town to Fua'amotu where we will meet in the bar. Then I’ll leapfrog JG to Niue and take the baton back from him and on t
  5. True enough, after stumping up to the bar and asking the lady behind if her name was "Doris", she got me sorted and stowed in my room. I asked if I'd missed the fight tent or not and she said that I was just in time as they'd rolled in just before I did. Going to be an interesting night! Sure enough, once the sun went down, the lights came on and the call went out! Yes sir, you too can get some free denture work from these travelling professionals! Just another quite night in Birdsville! I think the big horse race is on tomorrow so good thing I'm clearing out
  6. I awoke to sweltering heat, a headache the size of Manhatten and my alarm blaring in my ear for what seemed an age. Could have sworn I only had a couple of beers with Steph, but man is my head ringing. Whats the time?? 0600, ok so I haven't slept in too late. What's the temperature? 35. crap. gotta buy more water! I got up, grabbed my gear and checked out of my hotel room and got one of the bush taxi's to Connellan Airport where I'd been told I had a surprise waiting for me. I still had NO idea what bird I was going to fly but I'd managed to fly my way out of Asia taking little con
  7. I was mentally tired from the last week of travelling ‘by any means possible’ to get to Australia. I could really have done with a few days relaxing, before my next leg, but it was not to be. Philippe, my friend from years back, who also pushed SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) flight jobs my way, must have been out of his mind when he arranged my passage from Jakarta to Broome Intl via Mau Hau. Had he known that Joe would be piloting the flight particularly with Otis accompanying me, I doubted he would have placed us in such a precarious situation… would he? My cover as ‘Sharon’ the globetr
  8. Here we are at Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport, (formerly Mau Hau - much more exotic than its new name). This has to be one of the most unexciting flights in sector 2! Howabout 3 three screenshots? Take-off, cruise, and landing? (You will wish you had said yes). Looking at the maps, this flight was going to be point to point over 510 nm of water: So I added a couple of waypoints, 1 for a rest break near to Seringapatam Reef and 2, to deliver supplies to a remote island called Browse Island where the lighthouse keeper was running short of rum. There after I w
  9. Welcome to the 7th edition of Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge! (aka ATWC 7even) Do you love flying your Flight sim, but are stuck flying to the same destinations time and time again? Want to join in a group activity for your favourite flight sim, but feel that other rallies are too strict and/or time consuming for your taste? Do you enjoy telling a story of your flight, and publishing screenshots to enhance the story? If the answer is yes to at least one of the above questions then the ATWC 7even is the challenge you've been waiting for! Bid
  10. Here are a few links to free resources: Flight Planning: Plan-G SkyVector Route Finder Scenery: FS 2004 FSX / P3D Misc: FS Freeware Airport Diagrams - Sector 3:
  11. Welcome Thank you for your interest in our challenge. We really do want to keep this simple but we have to lay down some ground rules, so please take note of the following and if you agree we can have some fun! Eligibility You will need to be a registered member of Mutley's Hangar Forums in order to post your PIREP. Registration is free, however, please consider making a donation to the running costs which can be made via PayPal using the donate button. Flying the Challenge The Around The World Challenge (ATWC) is a series of individu
  12. Hi guys Its good to be back.. the PC is in the process of being re-built and although it is early days, I'm eager to get back into it! I was wondering when the final flight of ATWC6 was going to be posted. Did i miss something during my regrettable absence? is it still in production? Minx
  13. It’s dark, I’m cold, Matt left in a hurry before I could thank him. I made my way to the fuel pump and sure enough, the baton was there in amongst the grime. I make sure the now badly repaired baton was safely stored in my rucksack. I’ll be travelling light for the first part of my trip as my aircraft had been impounded at Le Bourget yesterday, for non-payment of landing fees and fuel as our credit card company had stopped the card again (can’t think why!). I'll have to pitch up with the Euros to settle the bill before I can reclaim the aircraft. Le Bourget is over on the north side of Paris
  14. With Putinfeld seemingly getting closer every day to seizing the baton, I decided to try and beat him at his own game. It had been clear, from previous attempts on the baton’s life, that Russian aircraft and equipment had been used. So, first thing was to get a Russian aircraft. I looked for the obvious choice – the Antonov An-24. Sadly, just as the lease was finalised and I went to give the aircraft one last look over, somebody stole the wheels and the propellers. So time to find another aircraft. Sticking with the Russian theme, I found this up for lease: Interestingly, the aircraft
  15. Someone must have slipped me a mickey at the club the other night. I don't remember anything after the last bar and woke up in my hotel room 36 hours later. My hotel room had been tossed, but nothing was missing. My initial sense of panic subsided when I called the front desk and verified that the baton was still in the hotel safe. The adventure in Macao left its mark and I gave the hotel explicit instructions to keep it in the safe until I checked out. During my reverie I had this vivid dream that the Caribbean had turned into grassy plains and scattered forests. No more blue water,
  16. Well, here we are at Lashio for another ATWC Six leg: Something slightly different, this time - a 375 nm flight with 20 waypoints and all in VFR. You are joking, I hear you say? Well, suspend your disbelief for a couple of minutes... First, we go back in time - to Burmah in 1943. The Allies are having a hard time getting supplies through to Chiang Kai-shek. The Ledo (Assam) to Kunming land route is too long and a shorter route, from the railhead at Lashio, is being reconnoitered. This is where we come in. Instead of flying from Lashio to Kunming over the high plateaux, called The Hump, our j
  17. Welcome to leg 14 of ATWC SiX. The information contained in this post is not for real world aviation, just in case you thought it was real!! On the face of it this was the easy one, a 205 nm hop from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. What I didn’t count on was the world’s press in attendance in Abu Dhabi as we had some royals in town, Andy was trying to set up some new lucrative business that would net him a few $mil. (Why else would he do it?!) More interestingly for aviation buffs, it was the start of the around the world challenge for the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2). It's first flight leg w
  18. ATWC SiX Leg 04 "You're always bl**dy late, Doc, what was it this time?" Sam made me feel welcome, as usual: "Missed the connection at EGPE, sorry, mate!" "Well, you're here now, make yourself useful and see that the jeep is stowed securely - the engines sound good, don't they? They're both reconditioned - almost new..." Back in the cockpit, Sam was setting the NAV channels. He chivvied the tower into giving us clearance: "Why the b*gg*rs always want us to taxi to the active and not just take off from the apron beats me - every time..." I completed the checklist and gave the collectiv
  19. Welcome to leg 1 of ATWC Six! Our first leg will see us transport the baton from Southampton Mutley Field (EGHI) to Gamston EGNE in Nottinghamshire via a multiplayer session. The route would be as follows with a touch and go at each airfield en route. (Thanks Plan-G) We had a good turn out from the crew with the following in attendance. Jeff (Joe) Virgil (Micke) John (Tim) Penny (Jess) Parker (Brian) Kyrano (Dai) The Hood (Andrew) In support we had: Gordon (John)
  20. Thanks Kieran. After the race Malta, and knowing I had flight coming up, I decided to take the FW190 ahead and fly to Lugano to grab a little down time and catch up on some needed maintenance, the race having taken quite a bit out of the old bird. That, and mulling over ways to beat Sharon in the next one. Come morning and I arrived at the airport to collect the baton, finding Kieran doing a thorough check of the 737. Kieran duly wished me good luck and I made my way, baton in hand, to my aircraft for the leg. Or rather, I didn't actually have one: it turns out that the FW190 needed
  21. Ever since this section was announced, I wanted this leg. After all, how many times do you get to fly a large aircraft into London City? Anyway, on to the story! The plan was simple. Train to Heuston, bus to the airport, flight to East Midlands, bus to Nottingham, train to London St. Pancras, Eurostar to Brussels and finally another train to the airport. Simple? To me, yes. When I got word that Joe had landed at Brussels, I set off on my extended journey. Of course, flying Aer Lingus to Brussels would save about 2 days, but where is the fun? And anyway, I had to find an aircraft. L
  22. Benvenuti in Sicilia! Per l'aeroporto di Palermo - Falcone-Borsellino aeroporto (LICJ). Today, we fly to the Isle of Elba, sometime home to Emperor Napoleon, and where to eat real gurguglione, washed down with the local Aleatico wine. The flight will take a little over 2 hours - here's the plan (Thanks Tim): We're priveliged to be using a veritable gem of an aircraft, the DC-3 of Air Atlantique G-AMCA: The wind's in the south west, so we'll be taking runway 20, and the big bluff, to the south will require a fairly quick turn towards the main departure waypoint. Here's the Jeppe
  23. What a place. Twinned with Jinan in China, Palm Desert in the US and Townsville in Oz, this place with a population of 307,000 and an average temperture of 31 degrees Celsius in March, it's quite different with from Portlaoise. There, it rains and rains and rains, and the temperature is rarely in double figures. It also has no airport, but does have a railway, unlike this place. Port Moresby was where I had to be, to meet a Welshman with the infamous baton. Sitting in the local hotel, reading about signalling systems and Traffic Management Systems, the phone buzzes and disturbs the humid p
  24. Welcome to sunny Weipa, epicentre of bauxite mining in Northern Australia. I'm here, looking after Seair's contract with Rio Tinto. Not the most exciting job on offer - I thankfully missed out on the MH370 scramble, last I heard was that Sam had a 'plane load of reporters to be delivered to Perth. Today, I'm taking an RTZ exec up to Skardon and then to Horn Island to pick up a Queensland Tourist Board official bound for Murray Island. And, before returning to Seair's base in Cairns, there's a package to deliver to our PNG agent at Port Moresby. Here's the plan (Thanks, Tim): Well, th
  25. After having the baton left for me by John in the late afternoon I thought, why not fly down through the night in something nice and slow? Depart as the sun sets and arrive as the sun rises. I spoke to the ramp hands and asked them to prepare the Diamond Katana for me, I thought it would be an ideal choice for the flight, and a welcome break from the tube liners As I was walking out to the aircraft my phone buzzed... Oh boy, here we go again. Sharon has found some fame on the reality TV show 'Air Hostesses Gone Wild' and has become quite the socialite since. As La Rochelle wa
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