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IRIS F-14 Tomcat VC Issue...

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Hey Mut,

Not fixed this yet :roll:

But i did come across a thread on google, that said its just an issue with this payware and SP2...

I shall just have to live with it :doh

I am surprised you cant just find that file for the VC reflection and delete it...

Ill have a look for it and see...


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The Alpha channel on the texture as discussed in the FSDS Help file is greyscale. White is solid (no transparency) and pure black is invisible. The grey in between is a level of transparency. The darker the color on the alpha channel, the more invisible it will appear. The texture itself should be a green, blue or grey texture the basic color of the window.

How do I create an Alpha Channel on my textures? FS Design Studio does not create textures or modify them. You will have to have a separate program to load in your texture, create the alpha channel and re-save it. Once such program is called DXTBMP. This is a freeware program that can be found on-line with a simple web search.

If you have a separate glass texture you can simply open DXTBMP, load the image, choose Create Alpha Template from the Alpha menu. You then use Save As to save the image as an Extended Bitmap image. Set the Save As Type to DXT3 or DXT5 and overwrite your original image.

If needed, you can read the help files for DXTBMP to see how to edit the Alpha Channel by sending it to your favorite image editor.

I copied this from here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6748

I've had to fix about 12 AC with opaque or too dark glass in FSX :stars:

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