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leg 1 question for first timer

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I am thoroughly confused. Where is it said anywhere that there are T&G's for any of the airports. The situation files I downloaded for P3D show nothing at all and I don't see it written anywhere that any of the legs are any more than straight flights. The distance between the first two airports is only 80.9 miles, not over 260??? I probably won't be flying this MEBAR either as it looks now.

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No, I went directly to the situation and weather files. I flew what I thought was correct early this morning only to realize the differences in distance when I went to look at the target times. I don't know that I'll have time now to get in any more flying til late this evening. If I miss the posting deadline, I'll just fly the rest of the flights for the fun of it and maybe spend more time with this next year.

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"Cutting slack" is my middle name :D 


Ed, please don't get stressed, the deadlines are advisory and to help with yours and our planning, keep this quiet, but, I will take on late PIREPs up until the end of the rally.


Happy flying,



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