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MEBAR 029 Leg 1: SKBO to SKMZ

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Well, here we are again, thanks to Andrew and Joe. Well done Sirs!

The first MEBAR Leg sees us start at Eldorado Intl, Bogota. Today we fly to La Nubia SKMZ. Here's the Plan-G Flight Plan (Thanks Tim!):


Leaving SKBO:


A quick T&G at Melgar AB (SKME):


Turn at Wpt 2, the confluence of the Rio Magdalena and Rio Saldana


Turning towards SKCL:


Turning again at VOR ULQ (SKUL):


Long Final at San Marino SK54:


That's SKPE ahead:


And our destination, La Nubia SKMZ ahead:


Base Turn, SKMZ:


Long Final:


Touch down at La Nubia:


An interesting flight - up and down, as usual - and reasonably close to the Target Time.

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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Thanks for your kind comments! Just another day in my favourite fixed wing AC, care of MEBAR...

Re: livery - well, DXTBmp may have introduced some unusual textures, but it's supposed to be metallic. You just can't get the staff, these days!

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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