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  1. Sad to see the event not going ahead. I looked forward to it every year, even though I am but an amateur.
  2. Having used Traffic Global for P3D, I decided to take the jump and get the X-Plane 11 version. It is a breeze to install and works seamlessly. The developer is still working on the project to remedy any problems reported by users. One problem is sourcing suitable high quality liveries for some AI models, however there is an option of using substitutes painted in all white if your favourite airline is missing some aircraft. Early days for Traffic Global XP11 and for me, but so far, I am very happy. I sent one support ticket and was answered within hours, so the developer is on the ball.
  3. Congratulations....and a big thank you to all those who put in the hard work involved in making MEBAR 2018 a big success and such an enjoyable event for us simmers. I must admit I did not read the fine print before the event, having participated several times before. One important piece of information I missed was the use of Ground Speed as the basis for calculation. Just look at my leg 1 result! After reading some of the forum entries, I realised the error of my ways. My results steadily improved as I became more adept at working out GS v IAS. Fortunately, my flight planni
  4. Leg 5 images, the last for MEBAR 2018.
  5. Joe, I spent three years at HMS Mercury in the Special Communications Unit studying Russian. Remember my regular trips to Southampton vividly. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Bob
  6. Andrew, Thanks for the long and precise response to my query. It was more than I expected. I have no complaint and my 'scores' should improve with each leg. I am not competing for sheep stations. I enjoy MEBAR as a planning and execution challenge and that is all. I searched high and low for a suitable aircraft, flying half a dozen test flights with different planes. I luckily happened on the P3Dv4.2 original freeware CL215 and the rest from there is now history. Thanks for the opportunity to reclassify, but I am happy with what has been achieved.
  7. Hi, I am flying the Canadair CL215 this year, and it has been allocated to the TP-IP category with a reference Ground Speed of 135. With any kind of tailwind, I have had to lower flaps to 10degs with 112KIAS on the dial to get the GS within the specified range. That is still approx. 25kts above stall, but just seems pretty slow. My test flight was flown with the same settings as the leg flights, so I am not complaining, but just wondering if this slow and dirty flying was intended. Cheers Bob P.S. My leg 1 result show I wasn't checking
  8. Its a small world. We even have one member of the clan living and working in Japan. I do know that some on my mothers side emigrated to Canada, just before WWII. cheers Bob
  9. Nice split second captures there....
  10. More good images. They show how immersive our hobby can be.
  11. JohnY I doubt it, but who knows? My family originates in the Fens of Cambridgeshire/ Northamptonshire. I was born in Peterborough in 1950. Emigrated to Australia in 1954 with my parents. Being only 4 I don't remember many of my relations from the UK. Bob York
  12. Windows 10 also has the Sniping Tool option. Start typing 'Sniping' in the search box, bottom left and the tool comes up. It does not pause the flightsim at all.
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