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Releasing a free 3D camera view app for FSX

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Today I am releasing my FREE FSX cockpit camera application.


Now you can easily create 3D camera views.


You can check it out at www.EZCamViews.net


I made some video tutorials on my 737NGX YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011


Look on the left side for the playlist 'EZCamViews'.


Thanks and enjoy everyone!

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Interesting application Ralph.


I'm currently using EZDoc for my cameras, but I have a few issues with it, mainly due to the fact that you can't exclude their "World Cameras" from the cycle when cycling through the view categories, and that sometimes leads to problematic situations (let's just say that accidentally switching to a World Camera half way around the world from your current aircraft position isn't the best thing you can do). 


A few questions if you don't mind.


1) Will your application work with Track IR, and would I then use the standard FSX-connection for TrackIR to utilize it?


2) Is it possible to move your viewpoint in the VC using for example the arrow keys if you want to get to a location that you've missed setting up a camera view for? 

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1. I don't know if EZCamView views will work with Track-IR as I don't use that product. However, if you email me with some info about how it works, I can give you a better answer. support@EZCamViews.net.


2. Yes, if you have that checkbox checked in tab 3 Camera Pos ([  ] Cam pos via key pad) your keys will still work for you inside the cockpit. Normally, you'll have all EZCamViews windows minimized but you can still use those hot keys to move the camera around.


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I must admit I'm not fully up to speed on the inner workings of TrackIR and the way it communicates with FSX, but I think it uses SimConnect for the regular interface. 


What I do know is that with EzDoc cameras you need a specific interface to use it since that piece of software doesn't use the standard controls for changing the viewpoints in FSX.


If I can find the time I'll download your application and see if it works "out of the box" with the default FSX connection and provide you with some feedback, but I can't give you a time frame on when that will be. Most nights are at the moment used for painting our newly constructed fence.... But if it's raining in the near future I'll try to get some time in front of the sim.

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I have 4 additional enhancements that I am going to be adding as soon as possible:

  1. Make the mini cam positioner window resizable so that when you're using this window on a second monitor, you can resize it (drag it) vertically to show all of your camera views (so the automatic vertical scroll bars don't have to appear).
  2. Add drag and drop capability to the Cockpit Camera Matrix (CCM) window. This will allow you to re-arrange the square button camera views in real time as you use this window.
  3. Cockpit Camera Matrix (CCM) window: I'm going to add code that will look for a space between two words and then display these two words on the square buttons in two rows vs just 'word wrapping' the text breaking in the middle of a word. This will improve the appearance of two worded text labels.
  4. I'm still not happy with the 3 Cockpit Camera Matrix (CCM) sizes that are available. In using EZCamViews with my new Phenom 100 VLJ, even the 3x3 size takes up too much real estate. So, I'm going to add the option (for each of the three sizes) to display all the square buttons in one row horizontally.

So, for the 3x3 for example, if you enabled the 'one row' option, you'll have 9 square buttons side by side, horizontally. You will be able to move this window anywhere on the screen, but most likely you will want it at the top, out of the way.

The 4x4 option would give you 16 buttons across.

I'll have to play around with the 5x5 and see if 25 buttons will fit across the screen horizontally. I'm not sure about that one yet. I'll have to see if it fits.


So, a lot of enhancements coming to EZCamViews!

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0.9.6 just released!


FSX Steam Edition now supported!


Mouse move feature now to position the camera around the cockpit with the mouse.


Numerous bug fixes.


Other enhancements.


Please checkout the website for down load: www.EZCamViews.net

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Thanks Brett...a flight simmer has volunteered to help me write the help file when 1.0 is finally released...I've been so busy working on the code I have not had time lately to work on the help file.


BTW 0.9.6 with Steam Edition support has been released!!! You can down load it from the website www.EZCamViews.net



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