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This is my first MEBAR .. another adventure I call these excursions, as they take me out of the normal comfort zones of flying civil jetliners around this small world we live in. This first leg was difficult for a photo opportunity .... as you all know it was dirty. I actually gave up ... it was hard enough just getting the way points right and I nearly missed the final airport, I had to do a hard and fast maneuver to get the plane down on the runway and get my time which was nearly spot on, if I missed it I was up for a go around..... and my time was up.


Any way .... here are a few shots:





















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Looks like the weather I flew through too. :) Nice choice of aircraft!


I also had a difficult time with the navigation in this, also my first MEBAR...I have no idea how to tune/fly to an NDB...so found myself pre-planning based on a combination of Andrew's written descriptions plus rough 'ruler vectors' on paper/screen charts to approximate the "intersections" between VOR's and NDB's...and plugged all the resultant waypoints into my GPS unit...which I followed and checked distance of each leg against...the GPS legs ended up within a mile of each listed leg, so I went with it.


Leg 2 was easier actually with only 2 intersections, and several airports to overfly in addition to the two touch and goes...and the views were MUCH better :D


I have yet to fly leg 3...possibly today as I am taking friday off work due to a back/neck/chest ache.

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