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Sharing my very pretty MEBAR leg 3:


Leaving Montauban after exploring the night life. :)





Running parallel to the mountains towards first Touch and Go at LFBP (Pau/Pyrenees):



Departing LFBP after Touch and Go:



Oh Shit...there is the second Touch and Go below...way way below...LFCB (Bagneres-de-Luchon):



Doing an Air Hauler descent (Controls crossed and slipping down at 4000 fpm)...probably the source of most of my "early arrival time" for this leg...I should have probably "eased" my way down. lol.



My Sim put the dirt stip right on top of a water course...so I did a brief wheel touch on the threshold and immediately bounced back up before striking "potential" untimely water crash up in the mountains.



Heading out of there...glad I picked a twin. :D



Crossing and turning at Vallnord Waypoint on my way out of the mountains



Over the foothills:



Approaching last flyover at waypoint 9 LFMK



Final destination ahead Candillargues- LFNG



Seconds from completing leg-3.



Thanks for the fine scenery Andrew and MEBAR crew!


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Nice one Matt .. yes I was aware of the expected fun in the 3rd leg ..... at lest I see ..... yes I can see ... no clouds, fog or mist hahaha  :D I'm doing this leg today .... stay tuned for the pic's


Cheers Shorty


Yes ..... Shorty is fine.  :thum:

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