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After a fortifying coffee I decided to have a quick look around Lukla before loading back into the Spartan with Flores to head on to Paro.


Met this nice chap who gave me some tips on mountain photography. Here he is here without his jaunty green cap he'd just taken off for the photo.


Got a few nice shots and thought I'd return to the bird with some warm goats milk for Flores. Only one problem...


SHIT. Where's the bloody plane??? It was then I got a txt message from Flores who was apparently stuck in the Spartan as it was being towed back to Kathmandu for "extended parking in a 15min zone".


So that's what that sign was for....


Told Flores to sit tight, I'd get it sorted out once I got to Paro with the baton, I couldn't come back and get her as I was already running late. Thank fully a quick call to HQ and I was able to "commandeer" the fresh new Tara Air Twin Otter sitting on the apron. Quick run through the check list and it's down the runway and off!!



And what a view of the mountains we had!


Since I only had the twotter, I didn't want to fly right over Everest so this is as close as I got.



At this point I was at about FL210 and the DHC-6 was starting to really struggle in the thin air. We only JUST made it through this pass into the valley below



And a whole lot of this for miles and miles.



Eventually I crossed out of the mountains and back into the plains around VEBD where I had to drop off the Otter and procure another ride.




And WOW, what a ride!


Had a guy meet me at the terminal who, funnily enough, had the same green cap my friend in Lukla had. Oh well he said that this plane had to be delivered to her new owner in Paro and if I knew anyone that could fly her there. I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to fly a DC-3. Even a cheap Russian knock-off.




Making the turn at VE44 heading north to the PRO VOR.



Some amazing rivers flowing out of the mountains into this area.



This was not going to be an easy trip, short though it might have been.


To make matters worse, the camera broke during landing so I can't even show you how pretty Paro was once I (eventually) landed. Wonder if I can claim that on expenses....


Anyway, time to try find Jess in the lounge somewhere I guess and hope she didn't get too board waiting for the damn rookiee to show up!


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2 hours ago, hlminx said:

Great ride Beejay! 

The scenery looks sooo good. I think Everest fails miserably in fsx.


Default Everest fails in ALL Sims but can be amazing with a little effort using free tools and free resources =) 


I just loaded up P3D to take some snaps of Everest I had made with that but forgot I'd removed (deleted) the scenery as I've almost run out of storage.... 

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