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Leg 10 - Beijing Captial (ZBAA) - Lukou (ZSNJ) - eventually

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Looking at my logbook for the recent past shows I’m out of practice. Not just a few months, but years. The last flight I managed to complete was for the last Around the World Challenge! Since then, I’ve been busy, mainly with college but also with work as a train timetable planner. So, flight sim hasn’t had a look in!


However, as planning has become my profession (at least for a placement and summer job!), this should be easy enough. As it happened, a local Chinese carrier was evaluating the Avro RJ85 in the area, and were happy for me to get a seat and some stick time again. The only problem? They were doing radial routes from Beijing Capital. In my case, to Taiyuan Wusu. Only a 500nm diversion, but with the promise of onward transport to Lukuo, hopefully with the same aircraft and crew.


I was told to turn up at the airport at 0330. Not a pleasant time to get up, shower, get ready and turn up at an unfamiliar airport. But once again, the airline turned up trumps and arranged my taxi and all associated costs. So far, the Hangar GISA card hasn’t been touched since Ros gave it to me. Hopefully the boss gives me a raise from nothing to something ;) Turned up at the right gate, and something from home greeted me




With Cityjet starting to replace the Avro RJ85 with Sukhoi SSJ’s, their aircraft are starting to turn up all over the place. Although normally de-branded, someone must have known I was coming and left it in familiar colours


Climbing into a cold and dark cockpit. Where’s the battery switch?



With the ground power unit plugged in and turned on, we start getting the aircraft alive. I should add there is a Cityjet pilot and fitter aboard, as well as the chief executive of the Chinese airline and a handful of his pilots.



Monitoring engine start



The fitter looks on, making sure I haven’t blown the thing up yet



Having had a long taxi (that helped me get used to having a stick rather than rails to guide me), we are cleared for take off



Spooling up the engines on the parking brake, ensuring even thrust



And go!



With a lightly loaded aircraft and suitable fuel for the trip, we soar quite dramatically into the sky





Autopilot engaged, we climb our way to an eventual 25,000ft



Some photographers go all out to get the shot





Approaching the top of the climb



Turning left



Having settled into the cruise, I had a wander around the cabin and took some different photos



Having had an hour or so of uneventful (or interesting) cruise, it’s time to start heading down to Wusu



Getting closer to the airport



Starting to make the aircraft a bit dirty aerodynamically



Airport in sight, gear down and locked



A touch high, but plenty of room to make things right



The tower has a tradition of taking a photo of every aircraft landing at the airport. Luckily, they sent me a copy later on





After another uneventful taxi, we park up. The Irish airliner next to some exotic birds



I was told to leave the aircraft in a “cold and dark” state to allow some pilot training in starting the systems up etc. So that’s what I did and I left the aircraft to get some food



Just as I sat down to eat, my phone went off. As I am regularly in noisy environments (when the phone can be on anyway), my ringtone is loud and unmistakable. “We have a problem……”. Basically, when they were getting ready to refuel the aircraft, they discovered that the refuelling point on the aircraft was cracked. Rumours of a rough landing were quickly dispelled by me, blaming the autopilot on any rough work. Whilst they hope to have it fixed in a day or two, the prognosis isn’t great for that, due to a lack of facilities at Wusu. Worse still, the airline couldn’t pay both me and for the aircraft repair, so the GISA card came out for lunch, and to find accommodation.


Looks like this will have to do until I find alternative flights. The Yijiang Hotel. Not too shabby



Part 2 to follow…..


Aircraft used: Quality Wings Ultimate 146 Collection FSX

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Nice job. Love that airplane, though I haven't flown it in ages. I have JF's 146 + the cargo version. Being as how I almost Always arrive Too High, that rear spoiler is a handy asset for my fly style. I should reinstall that thing actually...it's like a Huge Jet powered Helldiver in Airhauler.

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