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Leg 11: ZNSJ Nanjing (Lukou) to VMMC Macau Intl

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Nanjing, Southern Capital of China, on the Yangtze River, is the typical Chinese mix of ancient and ultra modern. The 600 year old city wall still stands as a reminder that the best thing to do with cooked rice is throw it into a bucket of cement! 




But that's not why we're here. We've come for the baton, and according to intel, Putinfeld is already here in town with his gang, and they're watching the hotels and airport. With that in mind I shunned the expensive western hotels, and set up base in Mrs Wu's Guesthouse, somewhere in the back streets (Happy ending 20 dorrar).


I could see they had a tail on Kieran, so I arranged for a bit of subterfuge: we would make a fake drop in a very public place. I had brought out with me one of the fake batons from HQ, and after the "drop" made for the airport. Wrapping it in a very prominently stickered package, I checked it onto a commercial flight to Kyoto. I think half the passengers on that flight were 'Feld agents!


Returning to collect the real baton, I stowed it securely in 7 India Mike, and prepared for the trip to Macau.



I should mention some other precautions. Authentic was given to my flight by taking on a very special charter: None other than the JC Stunt Team, who were returning to Hong Kong, would be aboard the plane.



"Oscar Oscar Seven India Mike holding short of runway zero six"


"After the landing Kingair, line up"




And so the baton safely takes to the air for another leg on the journey.


If I could read Chinese, I'd be able to tell you what road this is!


Quickly we climb to our cruise altitude of FL340


Over the Jiulong Mountains 



Eventually the sun starts to set. The reservoir in the distance tells us we're nearing our turning point at Ganzhou.



Descending towards Hong Kong


The lights are coming on, should be a pretty approach, through the bay and islands.



The new Hong Kong Intl off to our right, and the Tsing Ma bridge just ahead.


Looking back over the New Territories


Kowloon. You can make out the old Kai Tak airport on the right.


Now we're setting up our approach into Macao.



Capturing the localiser.




Cleared to land.


And . . . down.



Macau is claimed to be the most densely populated place on earth (and I'm not willing to argue). It's also well known for it's casinos, with revenues higher even than Las Vegas. So while waiting for Steph, I'll be in the Mandarin Oriental (I got a good deal, boss, honest!). Or possibly the Galaxy Casino . . .



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Nice PIREP Tim. Clever bit of misdirection sending the FauxBaton commercial, bet that luggage carousel on arrival is going to be a well populated with scarred faced characters.

Terrific little jet for the leg, the JC Stunt team must have been pleased with the ride.


I have been noticing the liberal use of Mutley Credit in the legs following Joe and I, and am wondering if my sparse use of the Giza card was due to taking it directly from Joe...the rest of you missed out on his panicked look, shaking hand, and sweaty forehead when the transfer happened. I think I'll try to wipe that image from my head on my next leg and check into some nicer accommodations, in addition to my habit of ordering drinks from the top shelf while in possession of the card. :D

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There are so many good quotes in there Tim, I'm always after a happy ending, so 20 Dorrar is money well spent.

I think we have definitely outdone Putinfeld this time, superb flight and there'll be a little something extra in your expenses ;)


EDIT: It won't be hard cash :D 

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Speaking of the JC stunt team, there's a new  Jackie Chan movie out next month (and believe me, they wouldn't shut up about it in the plane!)



Sadly though, it seems it's being released everywhere across the world, EXCEPT here! :(


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On ‎27‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 22:47, Tim_A said:

I think it'll be more fun for you to grab the baton from my outstretched hand at the bottom of the Macau Tower during your bungee jump . . . :D


I did try but I couldn't stretch that far.. :yikes:




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