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Leg 14: Changi (WSSS) to Tunggul Wulang (WIHL)

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The stench of cuban cigars and Laphroaig could only mean one thing. Godden. The still smoldering stub of the cigar laid on the table next to the baton. Waltzing Matilda, playing over the rooms hi-fi was, i felt, a nice touch.


The distant wail of sirens alerted me, I hadn’t long to get from his room to the airport and continue our journey.


Crewing in, the route seemed simple. No time to check the plates now, that would have to wait until the transit, Police cars assembling around the terminal and hands gesturing my way.


For today’s trip, we would we taking the Dash 8 for a spin, recently upgraded to 64 bit loveliness for P3DV4.






I’ve been away from the sim for a while, mainly playing around with XP11. The constant crashes of FSX had been enough to turn me away from FSX/P3D franchise. Hopefully with the 64 bit architecture this would be no longer be the case.


Setting back into the sim and aircraft the familiar roar of the props winding up the flight speed brought a smile and i remember why I enjoyed Majestics sim so much. Shame about the jaggies though.




Lets see what this 1080ti can do.




Ah, much better.


Settled on climb out, time for another snap….




5 seconds later.


This isn’t the exterior view... This is my desktop. No error message, even FSX had the good grace to tell me it had crashed. Nevermind, this is all part of the fun, isn’t it….

We’ll just boot it up again tomorrow and go again. Engines started, taxi out, climb out. Lovely shading i must admit. Lets check out the new toy.



Nice. No idea how to use it. I’ll just check the runway length and stick it in the same way as the 737NGX. Wait. This is my desktop again. Aaaaaargh. This is why I stopped flying this thing in the first place. Right. I’ve had enough, P3D/FSX, This gold digging relationship of ours has to end. At least this will give me the chance to fly the IXEG 737 in XP11.




I’ll just check the runway length at our destination first.



Flip. *I didn’t say flip*


Right last chance, third time’s the charm.




That runway does seem rather short doesn’t it… Now you’re making me look at tables and do maths.


RIght, where were we? Ah yes, settled into the cruise, time to sort out the approach. It’s starting to get a bit dusky, so a nice ILS will suffice. Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be any STARs… Or approaches… Or anything really… It is getting pretty dark now...





In the finest aviation tradition, let apply some logic and for anything else we’ll wing it. I can still see the ground, well lights at least, and I have the GPS position and a backup radio beacon at the destination so lets turn right a bit, intercept the centreline at ten miles and 3000’ agl and Bob’s your uncle, follow the PAPIs down, land and then tea and medals.





Does look awfully dark around the airfield though. Funny rectangular hole with no lights exactly on top of the airfield. That’s jolly inconvenient. Well our forebears flying wright flyer simulators didn’t have lights did they? It really is very dark now..


Oh that’s my desktop again. Tell you what let’s reconvene tomorrow.


So, start-er-up, taxi out, take off, transit, getting dark, yes yes, rectangular hole. This is when it’ll get interesting, or crash again… Hopefully the former. Fortunately the Dash 8 has excellent short field performance and more importantly, excellent landing lights. I’ll need both for this approach.




I took the time to shout some expletives from the window to the residents inconsiderate enough to live in a 6 story building 300m from the touchdown point and hastily threw out full flaps and nursed her to the ground. Taxiing in I noticed my Relief pilot, in a much smaller aircraft, mouth agape as I trundled past, the clatter of television aerials in the landing gear and the roar of the twin screws working hard to stop the beast, before the restaurant on the overshoot did.





Not to fear, stops on a dime. Shut her down, swagger down the steps and hand over the baton.




‘That, Lucent, was the most singularly dangerous thing I have seen in my flying career.’ called out my relief, walking shakily towards me.

‘Why, thank you’, I retorted. He was obviously somewhat in awe.

‘How will you get it out?’

‘That, my friend, is tomorrow’s problem’.


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Welcome to the Challenge David and congrats on a great start to sector 2 (no one said was going to be easy!)

Sorry to hear about your sim woes, but in the true spirit of the ATWC you made it through only needing minor psychological or medical treatment.


Back for tea and medals? Reminds me of my first flying lesson!


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Well that's certainly a great way to introduce yourself to the Hangar David, three cheers and welcome to our site.:hat: 


Great PIREP despite all the sim problems, you produced some fine shots in there and moved the baton along with great determination and humor. From me you have received a "Well done sir". :thum: 


Might I suggest asking some questions around here in the forums to help with those crashes as it is probably something simple.:)

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Thanks all


I'll maybe devote some attention to P3D when I have some time, Having spent a number of years soldiering with FSX to wring the most out of it I'm keen not to get back in the groove of 5 hours tinkering with settings for each hour flying!


Think I'll stick with XP11 for the time being, I'm blown away by the additional immersion it brings over even P3D v4. Especially at night. Breaking through a cloud deck to an airfield which looks real, inside a city that is alive is not something I get from P3D/FSX, even with a ridiculous amount spent on ORBX/ActiveSky/etc!


Thanks for the kind welcome, I do love these routes. It's great to fly with a purpose, an I look forward to contributing more to the community.





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Just wait for the MEBAR! It's a hoot as well. 

What are you flying mostly in XP? 


Also the ground ai is something I missed when I was using P3D after being in XP for so long. 

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Welcome to the forums and to ATWC David.. thats a cracking PIREP to start off :thum:


I feel for you with the system issues; been there countless times too and it's frustrating. Hope you get the problems ironed out before your next leg... I'll warn you that ATWC is addictive :D

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