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Just Flight VC 10

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This is the first time I've purchased a plane without reading several reviews and watching Froogle put it through it's paces - I have to say I feel rather pleased with the VC10. It's not a study sim, and at £24.99 you didn't expect it, but it's well worth the money, as Martin said previously. but I understand that in 2018 the current purchase will be expanded to the Super series and a Professional range, adding more complexity to the flight systems. That will be the fully-fledged study sim that I'm really after and what encouraged me to go for this one is that Just Flight will discount the professional version to owners of this model. What with pilot, navigator and engineer posts to watch over, I think I will need the time to fully familiarise myself with what I have.

I think this plane is a beauty and if like me you want classic airliners in the hanger, this is definitely one to consider.


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Well said Lucy!  I just did a flight from Vancouver to Seattle in the VC-10......no problems and she looked great with the mountains in the background.  I am sure that I will be flying this plane a lot in the next few weeks and can't wait until the Super VC-10 comes out.



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