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Leg 19.2 Kone NWWD to Moue NWWE

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'It'll be perfectly safe,' Beejay said outside the hotel. 'There were expecting a plane with two people on board, flown by -- no disrespect -- a pommie bastard. They  won't be looking for one Aussie in a taxi.'

'You're sure?' I asked.

'Yeah, no worries. I'll just turn on my cheeky charm. I'll be on a plane out of here before lunch time, and they'll be paying me to go!'

We fist bumped and Beejay got into the waiting taxi. I watched as the vehicle drove into the distance in a cloud of noxious smoke and a loud backfire. I shook my head and picked my way across the street to the airstrip. 


Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 21.15.44.png


The plane was still on the tiny apron and after a quick prefilight and visit from the fuel bowser, I was quickly off the ground.




I hadn't bothered to file a flight plan, since it was a nice day, and anyway, who wants to leave a paper trail? I settles at a cruising altitude of 3500 ft, for what was hopefully to be a 50 minute flight along the coast. Tourists sightseeing - nothing unusual there . . .




Hmm. A mysterious line of craters, giving the appearance that Putinfeld had been strafing the island from space!







We're approaching the capital, Noumea. I wonder whether the cops are still waiting for us at the airport? I'm gonna stay just outside controlled airspace anyhow, no point in attracting attention.




Might be my imagination, but I think I can see one or two flashing lights . . .




Looks like we're in the clear!




The rendezvous with JG is on the neighbouring island of Île des Pins (aka the Isle of Pines). Another reason for misdirecting any pursuers. It's a small island, and we wouldn't be hard to spot.




Final. Again I'm approaching non-radio, although I've sent a blip on the company frequency. Hopefully JG is listening . . .




Hmm, there's been a lot of rural development since I checked google maps back in the hotel.




But the developers seem to have nicked the airport apron. Oh well, I'm not staying long - just long enough for JC to buy me a drink in the exotically named "airport bar"






JG, I'm here!

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