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Looking for some advice from anyone with some knowledge on this please.....

I am looking at Simworks Phantom or JF Tornado, however my only experiance with anything of this style is the Hawk....so bearing that in mind would you recommend one of these or even something else that is of a similar level to the Hawk in regard to systems etc......I would prefer something with some kind of help included even if it's just a startup tutorial....I bought the Hawk in a sale as a bit of a punt but I am actually really enjoying it.......I am leaning toward the Phantom but I have no idea if they are any good (simworks) ........I suppose I want something I can learn and is resonably complicated, you all should Know roughly my level of skill if you have seen pics I have posted, PMDG Cloudbuster, iFLY737 / 747, Majestic Dash are a few examples.......



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Check out the MILVIZ line of fighters also, they have a few Phantoms along with others. http://milviz.com/flight/product_listing.php You also have the luxury of a Mutley's Hangar review http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/jg/f4/f4.htm


Since I don't have these and had trouble finding a review on the SImworks version I will give you this tidbit gleaned from another forum from a fellow named henerystreet which echoed other opinions I have read and will give you something to dwell upon until the words of wisdom spills forth from our members here,


Quote- "I have both the latest version of the Simworks F-4B/N and the Milviz F4-J/S. Both are really good add-ons but have different goals or focus.

The SimWorks is more a "traditional" FSX aircraft add-on with very good weapons simulation, including TacPack and a strong focus on modeling the cockpit of the F-4B.

The Milviz is an F4-J/S and has more "technology" in the flight modeling, animations and system simulation. *However, it is not at this time TacPack enabled and the weapons systems are not simulated to a great degree.

Modeling/textures is some better on the Milviz and the flight model is as close to the real world manuals as I have ever tested. The SimWorks is better on FPS and has a better selection of re-paints.

If you want to simulate an F-4B/N with good weapons then the SimWorks is your bet. If you want the most accurate flight model of F4-J/S *and not worried about TacPack right now, then go with the Milviz. Note that the Phantom was a handful to fly at slow speeds and the Milviz models this very accurately."


*Note that the MILVIZ version is now available with TacPack.


 I also notice the Simworks version comes with an aircraft carrier which could be a plus. Hope this helps you at least a little bit.:)



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I don't have nor fly many jets, but of the military classic iron in my hangar the MilViz F100D is a favorite and I wanted to toss it into your ring for consideration. I confess to auto starting it, but it supposedly has "Extensive Systems Modeling". It supports all the P3D platforms as well as FSX/Accel/Steam...It is TacPac enabled (I don't have TacPac...). It looks awesome inside and out (Big MilViz fan when it comes to VC's), and it is a handful challenge to fly at slow speeds.

And regarding "your skill" level; I'd say the Sky's the Limit buddy...whatever you want to fly you will be successful at it.



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I havent got the Simworks Phantom in my collection but I do have the MilViz one and I also have the JF Tornado.


I have had a few problems with the MilViz Phantom, ones that I havent heard anyone else having so they are most likley some sort of local conflict.  I had this running for a while in FSX and apart from my local issues I loved this addon.


The JF Tornado is a great aircraft to fly. It is complex but worth mastering, JF supply a 144 page manual which may seem like a lot of reading but there are plenty of addons just as complex with a three page manual.  JF continues to provide the best manuals by far in the FS world, with good guides on how to get started etc. 


I would recomend the Tornado, it is a step up from the Hawk which is a lot of fun, but if you want to go to another level than you could do alot worse than this adon. - highly recomended.


Another good addon is India Foxtrot Echo's Typhoon. In todays world the real life step up from the Hawk, the addon is easier to fly than the Tornado, but I guess a Tornado would be like that in reality take as look at the Typhoon here:



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thanks for the info JG, I have the simworks Phantom, very fast and seems quite stable, has a very basic AP that holds your pitch and heading, great for longer flights.....lot to learn........I was reading several reviews and thought maybe the Tornado was a tad bit too complicated, one for the future I think as it looks superb........


re: your  the Typhoon the reviews were mixed but the price seems quite good.....


recently had issues with the JF Canberra, textures missing in P3Dv4 but thankfully JF sorted me out so there's another I need to get back up to speed on.....

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1 hour ago, wain said:

Is this already included in P3D? I know they have done something for p3d....


Have a look here:




Scroll down under the picture of the Eurofighter and you will see a link for an upgrade to P3D v4x. However, It is for 64 bit PCs only.

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