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Saying hello again to the community after 16 years of hiatus

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Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time.

Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly.

I was quick active back in 2004, and had several utilities from flight simulator; the most popular one was called “FlightSim Manager”: in fact it had won gold award from FlightSim.com; basically it was an Install Wizard, VA Fleet manager, Optimizer, AI Traffic editor, LAN viewer and a lot more.

I also had another software called “FSM Moving Map” that would allow you to have google map running within Simulator, or as an external software or even over the network to show your aircraft’s current position.

Written in Visual Studio 6 for WindowsXP, and with Microsoft dropping support for both, neither can function without a lot of hacking and messing around.

I would like to bring it back to life, with support for modern OS (windows, OSX, and some variants of Linux), and for multiple Flight Simulator like Microsoft FlightSimulator, X-Plane, DCS and so on.

If you want to know more about FSM, I have a short introductory video (2m30s) on YouTube. There are also some videos with more details and planned roadmap.




Thank you; if you want to know more, please ask away.

Best regards



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Ah yes, think I still have a copy of the Manager. Among all my FS9 stuff, which I am very reluctant to get rid of. Even though it has been decommissioned, so to speak. A great tool in its day.

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On 22/07/2020 at 10:42, mutley said:

Hi Rana, that is quite a break from the sim, I hope you are enjoying being back in the virtual skies!

This is an wonderful community; it almost made me cry knowing that people still remembered FlightSim Manager, and some even fondly.

I'm trying to see if there is enough interest to redo it for latest OSes and Sims.

Link to the kickstarter page:

Link to KickStarter


You guys are the best.





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Hi Rana

“FSM Moving Map” Oh wow, that really is a blast from the past! I even think I owned it! 

Like you, I'm back, although my disappearing act was just after the last ATWC, but I'm up and running with a newly re-built sim, P3Dv5, and lots of enthusiasm... just ran out of 'furlough' time so fitting in flying with work is already reducing my flight hours.

Stay safe. Happy Flying!

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 :welcomeani: to Mutley's Hanger Lester. 

Which sim are you using now, I've moved onto MSFS and haven't looked back, plenty of addon's for it, accurate GPS systems, great moving air simulations, fantastic default scenery and the list goes on. 

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