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I've been flying Virtavia's C-17 in Air Hauler for the last few weeks. I must say, I like it. The VC is quite nice and the exterior is great. She even comes with the 2D cockpit if thats what you prefer. Have any of you flown it?


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OK, here are some pictures. The Cockpit isn't as complicated as a PMDG or some of those others but it does look nice and has a nice HUD. All I added to it was a FMC from ISG.












My Air Hauler company has a contract with FEDEX so here is my C-17 in FEDEX paint.



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Sound is spot on. I've worked in US Air Bases for most of my adult life and the sound in this package sound very real. The flight dynamics are really good but I don't know if they compare to the real C-17, I think it flys very well.

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Hi there papeg,

This one has been a long time coming, it started off as an Alphasim development a few years ago before they shut up shop.

I am surprised the VC is not better quality but the proof is in the flying and it certainly seems to work well for you.

Thanks for posting


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Hi, this is my first Post.

Maybe it is of interest.

My own corrected C-17A Virtavia ISG retrofit panel.


Now all original switch buttons are working, even the original ones.

The retrofit did not include the 2 Virtavia_C-17!MFDX1 + MFDX2 Gauges necessary for the 2-D panel.

The 3-D panel is now including 2 ISG MCU as you can see on the image. Click on, the MCU is opening.




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