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Orbx Releases FTX: NA Blue Southern Alaska

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Glacier Bay and then some!

FTX Southern Alaska (SAK) offers much more than "just" the famous cruise ship destinations of coastal Alaska. It covers a whopping 200,000 square miles from Anchorage to Watson Lake (Yukon Territory), and Kenai to Juneau, with Valdez, Skagway, and Whitehorse as other major hubs. A wide variety of landscapes -- coastal fjords, braided rivers, spectacular glaciers, alpine tundra, lake-dotted muskegs, vast forests, and a few urban centers -- all have been recreated in great detail and accuracy. A dozen key landmark areas are featured with seasonal photoreal coverage and custom models, and hundreds of glaciers also use photoreal textures. Just like with our other region titles we've given every single one of the ~270 airports, airstrips, and seaplane bases in the region an upgrade, with more accurate placements of runways and taxiways as well as buildings, hangars, moving people (and creatures), and lots of "clutter". Every single square mile of land class is hand placed and all major roads, rivers, lakes, powerlines, and vertical obstructions are included for accurate VFR flying. Last but not least all ground textures are hand-annotated with our custom autogen objects.

  • Continues coverage north from Orbx PFJ
  • Fully compatible with Tongass Fjords X
  • Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, powerlines
  • Over 270 airports have been upgraded
  • Custom Skagway airport/harbor by Jon Patch
  • Selected photoreal landmark/urban areas
  • Hundreds of photoreal glaciers
  • Custom autogen textures and objects
  • Superb ground textures by Matt Tomkins
  • 20m Holgermesh for high terrain detail
  • The perfect addition to NA BLUE series


For further details, screenshots and to purchase visit The FlightSim Store:







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I just got FTX England a week ago and have been really enjoying it. I do not live there or in the PNW, which I also have, so do not have the problem of the scenery's accuracy and just enjoy it for what it is. A replacement for the rather amazing(for it's time) but dull looking default appearance. I am sure the addition of this new section will be a hit with those that already like their products.    

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I think its a really nice addition! Having skipped out on Wales, and waiting on SAK for months, my flying desires have turned to this region! The glaciers and photoreal areas are really making this scenery better than it already is. 

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