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  1. Kasper


    Aerosoft VFR Germany series, available now.
  2. Africa will be pretty hot. It will be summer in the southern part. Overheating is always a problem with this plane, the 10 to 20 degrees extra don't change that a lot.. Even in North America you have to watch those dials all the time.
  3. Brett, I am going to use the Hughes H1B in FSX. Day only VFR flights. First route planned with free Crete scenery from http://www.fsgreece.com/index.php/crete/ and the Africa Landclass. I will try to do the first flight somewhere this weekend and post in the adventures section. Real world schedule will not work with time constraints from work and family so I will just fly when I have the time.
  4. @brett, I just purchased the Scenery Tech Africa landclass. I know not exactly Orbx quality but I am willing to spend $15 to make Africa better looking. On the other hand I might just do it in FS9 with all the CalClassic Africa scenery that I already installed.. Or both!
  5. Here is something that would be a blast to recreate in FS http://www.vintageairrally.com/ Now what FSX plane to use, the Cub, Tiger Moth, Stearman perhaps?
  6. Thank you for the clarification Jane. Looking forward to flying both legs then!
  7. I would like to fly both Rotterdam legs in a Fokker F27-300. Born and raised in Rotterdam so can't resist especially for a good cause, but Berlin to Rotterdam is at 2100 CEST and Rotterdam to Farnborough is at 2200 CEST. It just can't be done. Even an A320 can just make it in an hour (56 minutes according to PFPX) IF there are no headwinds. So I guess I'll have to choose - decisions, decisions...
  8. OK, I have been happy flying around in the Aerosoft offering. AND they are 30% off at simware in celebration of French National Day. Lasts until July 17. http://www.simw.com/product-containers/aerosoftairbus.html
  9. Well, Flight Sim Labs is working on an expected high quality A320.
  10. Hi, I wrote a review on the CS T7 and I think you can call this a loss. Some of the failing points were the lack of a tutorial flight and the manuals being incomplete.
  11. Glad you made up for my delay with this cool ride! Great trip with some excitement at the end.
  12. Kasper

    Falcon 4

    Was a little later than Adrian. Started flying Falcon around 1999 (when it became stable and playable) - after being somewhat disappointed with Jane's USAF. Still at it - although I also fly DCS - it has very good planes / environment / physics but no dynamic campaign.
  13. Hi Alan, See if one of the sites mentioned floats your boat: https://alternativeto.net/software/photobucket/ http://screenshot.net/sites-like-photobucket.html
  14. Unfortunately Falcon 4 AF is not compatible with BMS. Falcon 4 AF is a decent sim, for 2004. More important BMS needs the original Falcon4 exe. http://www.anon6.com/forum/m/13804678/viewthread/9565967-falcon-bms-432-installation-guide contains a good description for installing BMS4.32 including dependencies like the falcon4.exe Check Six Kasper
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