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  1. I use PF3. It does VFR and IFR. It has a great manual and awesome support. It can look a little complicated at first but it’s just a habit - like programming the FMC in an NGX. Moreover it has a 2 week trial with pretty comprehensive coverage. I fly a lot on Pilotedge so have a pretty good idea of what is correct and realistic. This is pretty close. If I can’t fly online then PF3 makes the simming so much more rewarding.
  2. The Duke is like a favourite comfortable stable armchair!
  3. First images. Comments welcome! Great flight - but may be a little grey - and I don't suppose it is always this clear! The long and winding road - er river. Now where was that alternate? Heading North. Turning for home. Did someone mention bacon butties!
  4. Thanks guys. Looks like the V key wins!
  5. I was using Snapper but it now seems to forget the settings every time I close down. Is is there a way to fix this or can anyone suggest a similarly inexpensive screenshot app? W10 P3DV4. Thanks
  6. I had the same problem in P3DV4 with PlanG tonight. Thought I was going flying but ended up fiddling - then planning all evening! Firstly I wish I had realised Norway was planned while Orbx regions were half price a few weeks ago! Looks great though now I’ve purchased at full price. (sound effect - Mutley gnashing sound and curses). I have FSAERODATA that has a really clear ‘disable’ button. After pressing that AND restarting P3D the original databases appeared in PlanG - phew! Then added the altitude data. I’n not a child of the magenta bu
  7. It’s tempting landing at flight simmers to say - that’s the end of the thread - but in the spirit of ‘the show must go on’ - AVIATORS.
  8. Dean33

    Aivlasoft efb

    Wain. It’s worth the effort. If you like I can screenshot the settings if you’re stuck. It is a bit fiddly but using it afterwards is a doddle.
  9. Opt in is easy. Gives me no problems. P3DV4. Nice aircraft. I’m flying it a lot before the Maddog lands. I wasn’t an original Maddog fan but I’ll likely be getting that in the near future!
  10. Dean33

    Aivlasoft efb

    Hi Wain I've had EFB thre or four years and use it on most of my IFR flights. It is very good. I don't use the checklists section. The nav charts it produces are very good. I have Navigraph Charts Cloud too and sometimes prefer to check SID and STAR details there but not all those offer moving map facility which makes that side of it a little inconsistent. EFB does the lot! More important it has a free trial period period of 30 days (for the full system) - so no reason not to try it out. I did and could not bear to delete it after 30 days. And Froogle uses it
  11. Hi Wain I got the 717 at launch and it has been improved and supported very well over the last 12 months. Reminds of the MD11 and has FMC similar to airbus. Systems are good. FMC reliable - but not yet got holds - coming soon I understand. I flew this last night (KLAX to KLAX on Pilotedge) and it is one of my 'go to airliners'. In a way preferable to the NGX - but not quite at that level. Very nice aircraft. No regrets. Cheers Dean
  12. So Guys Seems to be a lot of enthusiasm here. I've still got MyTraffic6 slowing my loading in P3dV4. After that, to be fair it is 'set and forget' (apart from the sliders). Do I take it this new UTlive is a 'buy recommend' from you experts? Thanks Dean
  13. I've been using it since it became available on v4 beta. Very nice aircraft reminiscent of MD11. Continually being developed no obvious faults though. FMC is good. Recommended by me!
  14. Not seen much on here since P3d 3.3 announced last week. I upgraded and didn't note significant improvements but have now removed and am fortunate to have 3.2 download available as a backup. The problem? Due to a permanent change in the software it no longer recognises many sceneries including all the UK 2000 sceneries and many others. Long thread developing about this in AVSIM - but this is a 'heads up' for those about to upgrade. As as a minimum make sure you have 3.2 in your download archive or consider waiting. Apparently Gary at UK2000 has said
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