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  1. Nice set of screenshots Alan, and I hope Nancy made you a coffee on the flight ! I have to agree with you regarding the haze during the flights, which is the main reason I never posted screenshots of my flights this year, there just wasn't very much to see this time around, but hey that's what makes these rallies more interesting, 'cause ya never know what you're gonna get right ? Never the less I thoroughly enjoyed this years rally, as I always do anyway, I only overshot one runway on landing, honest !!!!!!!! Already looking forward to next years one as Joe has promised me it w
  2. Brilliant screenshots, and a truly lovely little aircraft. I have the RealAir Beech B60 Duke in my virtual hanger, it's another favourite of mine. Your scenery is to die for. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous !
  3. Very impressive planning Andrew, and equally impressive screenshots if I may say so. Definitely food for thought Sir.
  4. Many thanks for your kind words Mike. This lovely little aircraft has always served me well in various air rallies that I've entered over the years and always gets me back in one piece. I'm still a rubbish pilot though !
  5. Here's my little charger for this years rally, fresh out of the paint shop. Just love this aircraft. Have a great rally everyone.
  6. Yep, Me and my companion Alf the Jack Russell got it wrong as well, and this was our 4th Mebar flying together. He kept barking like hell at me all during the first couple of flights, obviously trying to tell me that I should have been concentrating on my Ground Speed rather than my Indicated Air Speed. My excuse is that I was just an eager beaver to get started this year. Memo to myself -- -- really must pay more attention with my reading.
  7. Nicely done Brian. Now just wait until you see what the weather has in store for you in the latter legs matey!!! I hope your eyesight is top notch, I mean really really top notch!
  8. Well, many thanks to both of you guys then, you've given me something to really look forward to every Eastertime, and not just me alone judging by the ever-increasing number of virtual pilots that are taking part in this great annual event nowadays, and long may that trend continue.
  9. Great set of Screenshots, and enjoyed the Screenshot explanations as well. Made me feel like I was doing the flight with you..........nice one.
  10. Thank you for your kind comments, everyone. I agree with Neil, a lot of very hard work must have gone into setting up these rallies every year. It was only through an online friend of mine living in Florida that told me about the Mebar. To date, I believe this is the 4th one I've taken part in, and because I mainly fly jets throughout the year, this rally is something different for me to look forward to each year now, and it keeps my hand in with GA aircraft flying. I'm off to eat my Easter Egg now!!
  11. I didn't post any Screenshots of Leg 4 due to weather conditions......................enough said! Here are the Screenshots for my final flight in Norway 2018. Departing Flatval (ENFA) and climbing to my preferred cruise alt. Window view. Wonder if there's a football match going on below? Really hoping the visibility doesn't worsen en route? I still have ground visibility but have to keep paying attention to the weather conditions, especially the wind speeds.
  12. Another fine set Bob. That livery certainly stands out against all that snow!
  13. Many thank's for your kind comments Joe and Bob. Great to hear you liked the screenshots and livery. Leg Three has definitely been the most challenging so far, and I'm now looking forward to Legs Four and Five. Looking at the Weather Briefing for those legs I can see I'm in for a bit more of the wet stuff but slightly less windy conditions en route!
  14. My Screenshots for Norway leg 3. ( Click on pictures to enlarge ) Taxiing to runway 15 at Sorstokken (ENSO) for flight departure. At runway 15 for departure in the rain! Aircraft close up pic. At cruise altitude with plenty of clouds and gusting wind en route so far. Checking destination airport info for Bringeland (ENBL) Looking at the trip info and flight timer en route. Descending for the approach into Bringeland (ENBL) Final approach for runway 25.
  15. Nice aircraft for the Mebar, and a good set of pics as well. Bacon Butties - now your talking Dean!
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